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  1. Hi, for my save with Hertha Berlin, the Hertha Berlin ii team don't seem to have any matches scheduled so a lot of my players that aren't playing much are lacking match sharpness cause I can't play them in reserve game. any ideas why this is?
  2. Hi, this is probably a really obvious question, but I want to start a new save but not save it over the one I already have, so that I have two at once. how do I do this? thanks
  3. so you think this was a some kind of mistake on the system? and when you say he will be ruined, do you mean his rating and everything will have dropped by loads? any suggestions on what to do now, or anyone I can contact to fix this?
  4. i'm not to sure why that happened either, as I didnt check the contract when it was done, as I presumed it would start when the players last contract was expired
  5. he has already been released, so he just has no club as he has agreed to join my team, but not until next season, but I can't seem to change this so he can play for the season about to start
  6. He was an Everton player in the last season, but his contract was up so I signed him for cheap before it ended
  7. the player is 22, but I have already agreed to sign him, I just didn't realise that it was for the following year. he is already out of contract with the club that he was at, but as the contract I did for him doesn't start until a years time, it just seems like he won't be playing for anyone, unless there is a way I can change the contact or something
  8. I recently signed a player for my new season and have just realised that the contract start date is actually for the following season, even though the player is out of contract with his old club. is there anyway I can change this so that he can play in the season that is about to start, as it has been accepted already?? many thanks
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