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  1. They don't even have to double them, as he'd pay no tax, if they offer the same he'll effectively double his take home pay anyway
  2. That interview is just Brendan spinning it for the media. Andy will be out the door as soon as we get a decent offer and I'd guess the conversation was more letting him know he has no future are Liverpool and encouraging him to go. He needs all the transfer funds he can generate and having a 15m (assuming that's AC's current market value) backup on the bench does not make sense when 12m Borini is already there.
  3. Suso seems the most likely candidate as cover for Coutinho.
  4. The goalkeeper kit is going to sell like hotcakes this year. Far and away the nicest of the 4 new kits.
  5. Against Newcatle there was little or no tracking of players running so Sturridge had lots of options. Yesterday there was a lot less free players making runs so he didn't have as many options. Players with Coutinho's vision can pick out even the most difficult pass, Sturridge doesn't have that to his game. Not a slight on him, very few players do.
  6. Dede only moved to Cruzeiro in the last couple of weeks so we can strike him from them list of possibles.
  7. BR said during the week Kelly won't feature this season.
  8. AFAIK the council own Stanley Park and the plan was to do a land swap with Liverpool if they decided to build there. With a new stadium 60k seat costing at least twice as much as redeveloping to add 20k seats I think a new stadium is a non-runner.
  9. Redevelopment of Anfield is the only option at the moment. Ian Ayre recently confirmed the purchase of properties around Anfield is ongoing but that might take a while as not everyone can be tempted to move even with offers well above market value of their home. as for the extra 20m+ a season, a large part of that would be used to pay for the redevelopment for quite a number of years.
  10. While it's a nice boost to beat the teams around you, it isn't necessary if you take full points from those near the bottom. Can't remember the exact season, but one of Utd's title winning seasons saw them bottom of the top 4 'mini-table' but they only dropped a single figure total of points against the bottom 10 in the league. If we could table 40+ points from the bottom 10 in the table it'll be great progress because that's what has often let us down in the past. Getting up for the big games and failing to put 'lesser' teams away.
  11. He was given a yellow at the time so they won't overrule a refs decision.
  12. Bit of both. Noticed him wince on a couple of occasions so I think the injury contributed to a rubbish performance. Stupid decision to play him after it had been made known he has a shoulder injury. Just asking for the opposition to give him a nudge on the shoulder to put him off.
  13. Sturridge said in an interview it was offered to Carra but he didn't want to take it.
  14. If he thinks he's only had 3 bad games all season then he's delusional. 8 goals conceded so far have been down to mistakes by Reina so definetly more than 3 bad games.
  15. Downing is just too slow mentally. Get him to run to the byline and whip in a cross and he's fine, it's all instinct. But if a little guile is required, a quick give and go or flick round the corner and it all goes wrong because it isn't natural. If it's obvious to me what Downing will do next you can be sure very few defenders are left in any doubt either. Once they know what he'll so it's just a contest of who's quicker, stronger etc.
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