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  1. Hello, I have a couple of questions about the editor. What does the Fixed Value and Renew Income under a club's Other Income finances mean? Even if I tick or untick the boxes in the editor over the years, I don't really notice any difference? And for Weekly Wage Values under a nation's Transfers and Contracts section, players' wage demands still don't change even if I have edited it.
  2. Removing the Cache/Preference files doesn't permanently solve the issue. I would repeat the removing of the files whenever I encounter the issue and it works. But minutes ago, removal of the files doesn't work anymore.
  3. Hello, A player on my team, Giovani Lo Celso, has his milestones accomplished (Player of the Week/Month, League Cup winner etc) with me all wiped out in the game. But what he achieved with Argentina and also before joining Tottenham is intact. Edit: And now the league assists total of another player, Matthew Doherty, is decreased. 2nd edit: Lo Celso's milestones and Doherty's assist totals were all back in full force after the end of the season. This is the first time I have seen milestones and stats disappearing and decreased.
  4. Hello, I have edited England's nation rules and got it verified and attempted to go on to other nations but can't seem to. Is it only possible to only edit one nation rule?
  5. Hello, I have this problem too. Only a singular column depicting the nation of the person would appear instead. I would get around it by replacing columns (By inserting names, so only the person name would appear instead). But just an hour ago, not even any column appeared. I can't search for any person in the Editor.
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