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  1. too many transfers ... all teams are changing ... so much transfers ... its not realistic i think .. for example .. real life transfers : 50 million euro+ transfers in per year 16 maximum ,, but this update 32 - 35 transfers 50m+ euro transfers per year...
  2. so any news about it ? var always decision penalty ... its not good !!!
  3. can you do something for loan players ? because fifa was going to change to status https://www.ajansspor.com/haber/kiralik-oyuncuya-sinir-geliyor-358002 this is turkish language but you can translate it with google...
  4. thanks bro but only 2 options very interesting....
  5. it will be more realistic ? ... i want realistic packs only
  6. still penalties so big problem .. any news about that ?
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