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  1. Just Signed My Mate!

    I am actually in the game Search for Cristiano Ronaldo
  2. 10.3 can't come soon enough.

    Yeah I can't wait for this patch to see what else they can screw up
  3. wow where do I start? This game has gone down hill big style. I suggest they start of with the basics and work their way up. None of the tactics in the last 2 versions worked. So what was the point in putting them in in the first place? Players taking long shots when you tell them not to, Players hoofing the ball when you've told them to do short passing. The game has become a lauging stock now. SORT IT OUT SI or give up
  4. Yes, or maybe you can map the CD drive from the PC to the Asus?
  5. I run FM on similar specs to that. You wont be able to watch the games in 3D and the processing of games is very very slow.... But yes it will work
  6. Ridiculously Slow

    If your anti virus is running, then yes it would slow down FM as when FM accesses files on your hard-drive the anti virus software intercepts it to check it for virus's. Also have a look in your TasK Manager when you are running FM and see what is hogging all the CPU.
  7. New Ideas for FM10

    I wish I had the time
  8. Potential -10

    No it means it gives them a random potential ability
  9. New Ideas for FM10

    wow where do I start.....
  10. FM is boring *not a moan*

    Go out and get a girlfriend....problem solved ;o)
  11. Best 'day' of the season?

    Christmas Day is the best day. All my players get a day off and they get to eat as much turkey as they like. Then after that it's back into my strict training sessions until next Christmas.
  12. I have faith in my new team, I'm already an FM God
  13. You joker, They are all overpaid donkey's I Got some good young players in who will do the job!
  14. Just started a new season with Arsenal, Thought I'd clear out all the crap and install some good English players!!! Players Out Emmanuel Eboue - Man City £2.5 Mil William Gallas - Real Madrid £15 Mil Alex Song - Stade Rennais £2.4 Mil Emmanual Adebaylor - AC Milan £10 Mil Kolo Toure - Real Madrid £19 Mil Nicklas Bendtner - West Brom £4.5 Mil Lukasz Fabianski - Mallorca £750 K TOTAL OF £54 Mil Players In Joleon Lescott - Everton £13 Mil Adam Johnson - Middlesborough £6 Mil Mike Turner - Hull £5.5 Mil Tom Soares - Stoke £3.1 Mil Jermain Defoe - Portsmouth £10 Mil Ben Foster - Man Utd £23 Mil Gary Cahill - Bolton £12 Mil ------------FOSTER-------------- --------------------------------- SAGNA--CAHILL-LESCOTT-CLICHY --------------------------------- WALCOTT-NASRI-SOARES-JOHNSON ----------------------------------- --------DEFOE---VAN PERSIE------ ---------------------------------- I also made G.CAHILL the new Arsenal captain and hope he will become the new Tony Adams of the team! COME ON YOU GUNNERS!!!