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  1. Hello, We have a large network save going on, in touch (PC). I am concerned as we get more and more interest, is there a number of players that will start to cause instability? We have comfortably played with 20 so far. But appreciate most network saves are 2-3 people and it feels like it was designed for that.
  2. Latest league table is here: https://imgur.com/Ej2Ji6M We are in late december, about to start the Transfer Window - so not a bad time to join!
  3. Hi All, We have a network game going during lockdown with 12 active players so far. Here is the story and let us know if you want to join us! Full story from reddit with images HERE
  4. Just found out a link to our group that if anyone wishes to join the network game https://s.team/chat/hFUy1Ieq
  5. Hi all, We have a FM TOUCH network game going and we already have 8 managers with 4 more expressing an interest to join today. FM Touch is a very similar game but is slightly quicker which really helps in multiplayer. We are 3 games in and all Championship clubs. If you want to get involved we are carrying on this evening, we have a steam group chat that goes along with the game! Message here or add me on steam - Wballstars Thanks,
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