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  1. Hello everybody. I think nothing has changed for the better in all these years. I am blind, I still do not have the opportunity to play FM. There is no other game that is so complete and fantastic. I would ask the staff to tell us about it. Many videogames are becoming accessible, there is a lot of attention to the issue of inclusion. Why doesn't FM consider inclusion important?
  2. Hi, for the visually impaired, another important issue is the possibility to copy the text in the system clipboard. For Example the long text in the news. In this case there are a lot of software that read the text in the clipboard with the TTS installed in the PC
  3. Hi, for the visually impaired, another important issue is to add a features to change the mouse cursor size. Now the mouse cursor is very small and the cursor color is difficult to see!!
  4. FM I really miss you! Last night I was at the park with my brother in law. We brought the kids for a walk. The kids are sleep, while the mothers pushing the stroller, me and my brother we started to remember the great FM stories. He is still playing FM, now have FM 2013. We remembered when I brought a team of italian C series until the Italian Serie A, then in the uefa cup. We reminded of when I won the Europeans Championship with Denmark and the World Cup with Nigeria. When I discovered Verratti, then became famous. We have reminded me of when I found Pascariello from the D series and became a phenomenon by 15 million euro. FM I miss you so much!
  5. Hi, if you have FMH on Apple Device, please go in the device settings system and tap on accessibility and enable Voice Over, the screen reader for iPhone and iPad. Now run FMH and tap once the object in the game, for example button and other. Can Screen Reader read the object? Thanks!!!
  6. today I tried FM also on Android operating system. Android have a free Google Screen Reader called Talkback. Unfortunately, FM is not compatible with the Screen Reader even on Andoid! I just have to try fm on iphone with voice over. if someone has an iphone with FM can enable the screen reader voice over in the system accessibility settings and test if it work, double tap is required to enter into buttons and other object! Thanks!
  7. exactly! fantastic post! there are a lot of screen reader software, for me the best is NVDA Screen Reader and it is FREE and most popular!
  8. I'm happy, this topic is attracting a lot of interest, great! I hope that the developers of FM's give more attenction at this problem! Accessibility is important, accessibility is integration for all people Thanks a lot!!
  9. It is necessary for developers to make FM customizable graphical interface! It must be made ​​possible to completely change the colours schema. It must be made ​​possible to change the font size. When an improved version of FM must released a set of skins with different color schema, as is the case for the various operating systems. I understand all the problems related to the colors, in the past I was able to change pitch colours, ball size and player size for a 2d view! I have never had the pleasure of being able to see a 3d view These are all things that require a lot of work from developers.
  10. Another possibility is to develop the FM interface in HTML 5! This option would ensure a complete integration with various internet browsers, various mobile devices and various operating systems but this is only an idea! FM I MISS YOU!
  11. Thanks But at the moment my problem is use all game features anc read all content! The voice comment is very interesting!!
  12. When I saw something and I was a visually impaired person, I had many difficulties to read a little text in FM, then I found on the internet of the skin with high contrast colours and the font a little older, there were problems because the text was cut! I then decided to use the magnifying glass windows, but the text was not clear. Today that are blind, the only solution is the speech that reads the text with a menus schema more navogable with a keyboard!
  13. I am aware that it's difficult to adapt FM to the Screen Reader! Perhaps it will remain only a dream! The developers should add a feature that makes the user move intoFM with the arrow keys and with another key open an option in the objext selected and use enter key as a key action! In internet there are a open source TTS called eSpeack http://espeak.sourceforge.net/ with all languages! I realize that is a big job!
  14. Thanks a lot for the quick replay! FM could be the first game played by the blind and visually impaired, with a TTS voice that read the game interface element to a player. if you want, I am available to be able to give advice and in the future in order to test a possible version for the blind. In the world there are many blind people who love Football and FM is "the football" !!!
  15. Hi, I'm Alessandro from Turin in Italy, I love FM from years 1992! Unfortunately I am suffering from a degenerative disease of the eye (RP - Retinite Pigmentosa), over the years I was able to find solutions for playing FM (Zoom Magnifier), but now that I am almost blind I can say that I have stopped playing this fantastic game. I'm sorry, because FM is a game with a lot of written text, the user interface is simple and as such could fit very well the tools they use to get the blind to read things on the screen of a PC. These programs are called screen readers, such as a screen reader NVDA is free. This software reads all! I am very sorry, I know that this post will remain a drop in the ocean, but it would be nice and innovative developers FM thought about these things! W FM !!!
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