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  1. In a way i agree with you but in previous editions of fm ( 18, 17 ecc) it just never happened to me, don't know why...anyone knows how to prevent that drom happening?
  2. Actually, I tried to do that but was unable to withdraw the offers. I mean, quite irritating...also because of the impact those 2 bids had on the club's finance, chunk of money that could have been spent elsewhere.
  3. Well, i'll take a look at that, thank you. One thing that surprised me is that those signings kind of happened just hours after the new chairman had been elected. Don't know if that's only a coincidence.
  4. Hello everybody I don't know if this is the right place to open this topic (in case, just tell me what to do...thanks!) but anyway, I need your advice. Long story short, I have been managing barcelona, I have just won Triplete on my first year, everything was working pretty well until a message from the board appeared one day, stating they were bidding for a couple of players ( after looking up in the transfer section, I saw that bids had been submitted without me knowing anything, out of the blue). My question is: giving that I'm keen on single-handling the transfer market by m
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