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  1. I'v tried Black Echo, and set Everton as my striker, withou any changes in the tactic. At the end of first half it was 4x0, so I let them rest a little bit, a little less pressing and lower 1 point in the defensive line. End of the match, 6x1. I'll be testing it for some matches for now!!!!!
  2. I'm a believer, so I'll try it out. I'm playing at brazilian first division, with Gremio, which is the best squad in the game (suporter belief \o/). I'm looking for a tactic which use the speed and dribling of my wingers, especially Everton, who I can't make scoring. I think Ill try TEA FOR ONE 4321 OX P103
  3. First of all, thank you VERY much for knap and alll the people testing só many tactics. Bus, there os always a but, i dont understand exectly How you work with this tactics. The ones i downloaded use attack mentality and are Very intensive. That Said, there seems tô be overattacking and, tô me It seems, overexposed tô counters. Beyond this, the players cant stand this intensivness (does this word exist?). ALL that to sem, do you play as they are ALL the time . Ive read the rdp mentality Guide, but did nota test yet. But How do you play? Thanks in advance and a far away hug to bem safe at this times!
  4. Hi Knap, how does this much of intensity works? Doesn't the players get tired very quickly? How do you do?
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