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  1. Never really noticed it before but can anyone answer if the AI changes the facility levels of the teams over time? I'm a couple years into a save and noticed that a bunch of teams received a decrease by half a star to their training facilities. Almost always teams from weaker leagues. Does that have to do with the note you sometimes get that the facilities are not the standard anymore and these teams don't have the money to upgrade it? Is this normal that these facilities levels change over a save or a bug? Noticed a number of rich teams mostly from England received upgrades as well but more d
  2. I started a save in Portugal with only the Portuguese leagues loaded,I loaded all players from Portugal for that game and the database large. It showed as 34,000 players and later as 35,000 players during the season in the add/remove leagues menu with a 4 star speed. Now, in a new season that player total suddenly jumped to 110k without changing anything. I added the top 5 divisions in Europe for the new season and the player count suddenly says 130k. I'm not really sure why or how. The game speed star is very shortly half a star and then jumps to 5 star which also doesn't make sense to
  3. Take over OS Belenenses. Have to go a couple of times on holiday for 1 year until they are promoted to the new 4th tier in Portugal in 2021 and then kick out their current coach with the editor. You get 7/10 training and youth facilities and 1 million transfer budget in the 4th tier which is insane. I had the same issue as you but this solved it after also having some new kits for this club created and it's a very fun save. Try to dismantle Belenenses SAD first, then Benfica, Sporting and Porto and do damage in Europe. I can only recommend this.
  4. Don't think it's too easy for the average FM player not playing in the Prem where you can buy your way to glory through TV revenue or using knaps tactics. If they make it hard enough for those types of FM junkies to fail, 90% of the players would rage quit.
  5. He is definitely a long term project but Albert Braut Tjaland can develop into a really, really good player. Can be had for 300-400k from Molde.
  6. How much did you get him for? Randers wanted 3 million in my save in Denmark. I'm poor so I cannot afford it lol.
  7. Interesting. I created a similar 4231 just with inverted wingers. Seems to work really well. I'll give this a try.
  8. I have tested it and can't say it's true. The only thing that really had to be fixed is players running to the goalkeeper from the sideline and shooting from impossible angles. Haven't played enough games to answer that yet.
  9. that's what I have done. But honestly even if you only raid the best U18 talents from every club in the Netherlands every year, you will build a really, really good team. Add Belgium on top of that, and you can win the UCL potentially.
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