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  1. think the first one was with 97 and the 2nd one with 92 or so. And to be honest, in a couple of those saves in England I used knap tactics so might have taken over 10 years or not at all with own tactics. So from my own experience the PL is the by far toughest league and I would say more difficult than winning the Champions League.
  2. France is easy to me, won in 1st year with Rennes and Lille. Italy also looks fairly easy. Haven't tried Spain. Germany can't really say, I have only played with RB Leipzig and won in 2nd season but it's probably not the best indicator. England is really, really hard though. I won with West Brom in year 7, Ipswich year 8, Norwich year 7. Takes a long time.
  3. Unless you completely gut the roster. Not saying one should do that but recently with a League One team when I got promoted to the PL. But it's probably not a smart idea either because you then have 30 million to build an entire squad so you are probably right where when you would just change 8-10 spots instead of 20-23 and have less wage budget but also already a bunch of spots filled. Either way, I don't think there is any way when you get promoted to the EPL, unless you maybe start with Fulham or Leeds, that the first season is not going to be very challenging and difficult. I heard fr
  4. Portsmouth season 1 2019/2020 Not really much to say here. We dominated the league, had some decent cup runs too. Sold a few players in the winter. Didn't add anyone because I thought the team would be good enough and we could save some money for the Championship. Ellis Harrison was our best player. Transfer wise not really much movement, just a few outs. Our squad was razor thin in the 2nd half of the season but we were already 20 points clear of 3rd place so I thought it was a gamble worth tak
  5. They fell off to 4th in my 8th year after they sold Mane and van Dijk. Salah is 34 as well so they might not recover although they just bid 250 million for Mbappe.
  6. Carabao Cup and friendlies when managing in England.
  7. They just spent over 200 million for a wonder striker. And Man City spent 240M for Cherki. This league is impossible.
  8. Try to bring in some South American talents, develop them and sell them on for massive fees. That's how I did it with Ipswich. And then I was able to strengthen the team overall. I had the same issue with the financial gap and still have and still I'm not a title contender but at least consistent top 6 finishes. This is a REALLY tough league for teams like that, so I don't really understand how people are winning the league after 3 or 4 years with similar teams. Have to hope sponsorship deals improve over time to increase the transfer budget because the orginial top 6 are all spending 10
  9. It is March 2025. After 2 years not winning the league, Liverpool have decided to completely dominate again. 77 points after 29 games, they have dominated me in the Carabao Cup final and we face them in the FA Cup QF as well with obviously zero hope to advance. They have conceded 12 goals after 29 league games as well. They do have some incredible regens coming through their academy as well so I don't see them falling off anytime soon. We are pretty good. Bunch of good regens at WB, Saliba, Sarr, Harwood-Bellis, Ampadu at CB, Lafont in goal, Rice, Braganca/Mount, Baro and Vers
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