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  1. I am using the default settings but I have 3 players in my first team squad who are rated 19-20 on corners and free kicks. I then have 5 players in the team that are heading 19-20 and all with determination of 20 and a good jumping reach. Might be the reason why...I'm no expert like Rosler but we score from set plays almost every game.
  2. v2 still doing the business for me tonight with my Roma team. 11 games played, 8 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss. We are also the in form team at the moment and scoring from lot of set plays, in particularly corners but have some good set piece specialists and good determined headers of the ball in the box.
  3. Finished 2nd in L2 with Chesterfield 3 points behind Hartlepool. Used your guides to sign some specialist players and am currently 6 points clear top of league 1 mid November and in quarter finals of both Capital One and Johnstones Cup. PS. Fmrte came out today and all this with a very mediocre team.
  4. Found it. Totally ridiculous...add funds to wallet? WTF? Why not on the DLC page for Steam?
  5. It must be me but where the hell do you buy this from? I can't find detail in opening post or anywhere in Steam?
  6. Yep it's certainly the best one out there currently. I was rotating between this and the under pressure tactic on here but that just didn't work for me whereas with this it's keeping me in the top 3 of league two with a mediocre team. Will get promoted though I am sure then can utilise the guides to get some better players in.
  7. Great guides Mr. Rosler. Be great to get them into a PDF so that they are printable.
  8. Got my beta key from GAMING DRAGONS for those who said it would not happen. 22 quid, nice one.
  9. You tried posting on their FB page gents - Ultimatum Games? Ive always found them dead helpful.
  10. Would suggest 19 yrs old, still at home with Mum and Dad, earning a bit of money to go on the lash with and 30 quid for FM not a problem. Whereas us old farts...kids, mortgages...
  11. Postal, can only speak in my experience. Preordered from there previously and email was bang on time. I noticed a lot of ppl asking for keys are usually waiting for already released games and always get a response that works on the FB page.
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