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  1. Can you buy FM19 standard (not touch) and use it with a laptop that has a touchscreen functionality (not a tablet)
  2. I find in the 4-3-3 the wingers neither really defend nor attack and the game passes them by, this can leave the defense exposed
  3. Yep did all the talking and meetings at the start as well, the results were slightly better after the patch but still getting weird losses
  4. Yes set all the different roles for them
  5. Anyone else finding it really hard to win a game, I started 3 saves in 3 divisions and every time had fairly standard tactics, and good players, one save with Barcelona just to see whether it was a running theme... and I have found it really hard to win even against poor teams, they seem to be tearing my defence apart even though they are set deep with no offise with a cover and stopper defender with the fullbacks set to defend, there is also a DM in place. But still leaking goals and losing to low rep teams Has anyone found this at all?! (Any tips to over come this?!
  6. there are no players on there and the wiki is for 2012?
  7. I am sure I am just being dim but.......... I cant seem to find the usual thread where people have identified great young players on the forum. Does anyone know where it is?
  8. Is that GMG code for the BETA as well as the Full game would you say? As You are receiving this email because your game will be available for download on 02 Nov 2012 at 00:01 UTC. Would suggest that is the key for the full game
  9. And would we have to download it from that site and not steam as there is a download buttong?!
  10. Should I be worried that it says the unlock key will be available on the 31/12 ?! Even though miles said the game would be before Xmas?
  11. changing attriubte colours looks good. much quicker and easier than modifying xml files
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