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  1. Hello @knap, first of all congratulations for all your work, I'm looking for a tactic of resemblance to the tactics of Manchester City would you have something like it? thank you in advance
  2. Hello @Totalfootballfan Hi, I'm using Cerber V4 but I'm taking way too much cardboard. Can I change this without changing the results of the tactic ? What should I change ? Thank you so much
  3. @knap Ok thank you but if there you had one gave me for a rather weak type of team which one you will advise me ? I am looking for one really Please
  4. @knap is that the tactic that works with all the clubs at the moment and also the Kashmir vol 5 23221 P101ECCC ? Thanks
  5. @knap Then you have to take any tactic or it says yes in the under dog tab and choose one that easily adapts to our workforce ?
  6. Hello @knap Or do you post the best tactics for small clubs ? Or could you just tell me 2-3 tactics are working fine for small clubs ? Thanks to you
  7. When you say at least convincing ie the image on the left and if 1-2 players like the one on the right are better to use the Fighter ? Thank you @Totalfootballfan
  8. Thank you again for all your information and sorry for the inconvenience! Thank you @Totalfootballfan
  9. Thank you for all of its information, so either is it pointless to change tactics because it is only the reputation of our club that will change the results ? So it doesn't matter witch tactic it is useless that I try to test another. So I have to continue with the Cerber V4 and the results will come back @Totalfootballfan
  10. I started from the French 8th Division, I always use the Cerber V4 but I don't know if it is mine or not But is it possible that the tactic will be less effective if you do more than 2-3 years with it ? Thank You @Totalfootballfan
  11. Hello, I use the Cerber V4 and from time to time the Cerber V4 AMR, I wanted to know if you advise to change the mentality according to the opponent and if we play at home or outside or so you advise to always stay positive no matter the opponent ? Thank you @Totalfootballfan
  12. Hello @Totalfootballfan , thank you for your work TFF. I use the Cerber 4 tactic, if I understood correctly whoever plays left midfielders must have a strong right foot and who who play on the right must have o strong left foot ? Thank you for your answer
  13. @knap I always start with teams at the lowest level, which tactic is best for you for small club ? Thank you so much for all you do
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