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  1. @knap I did download it and it wasn't the same tactic. When I loaded it in game it was a 4321
  2. @knap have you got a download link for this 41212? The link on the post is a different formation
  3. Which WARPIGS tactic performed best? the 41212 or the 442 collab with Rober?
  4. Every time I set it up and save it, it seems to move players around or change their roles. Have you noticed this at all?
  5. Any chance you can share the links to download the set pieces? I'm pulling my hair out trying to do it manually! Haha
  6. Which tactic did you run here @knap That’s some ridiculous goals for stat!
  7. What OIs do you actually use on the deepest playing midfielder? tight mark? Tackle harder? Or a combination of a few?
  8. Do you make any tweaks to it? I’ve tried it before for tough away games and it didn’t work for me. Are you using OIs?
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