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  1. Has anyone got any formations or tactical suggestions that seem to work well away from home? Really struggling with my away form at the moment so any help would be great!
  2. Has anyone found a consistent away tactic since the 21.5 update? If so, i'd love to know. Been testing so many tactics and all so inconsistent away from home. AI running the length of the pitch and then dinking the goalkeeper, once again SI ruining the game with these updates!
  3. Yea, they seem to take their chances much better and i've found that long balls over the top are the main source of theit goals again. Especially when you're the away team, the AI seems to be far more overpowered at home than they were on the previous updates. Feels like FM20 again
  4. I completely disagree with everyone saying that the ME hasn't changed since the last update. None of the tactics I was using are performing to the same level and away games have all of a sudden become so inconsistent again! I was actually really enjoying FM on 21.4 but this new update has killed the game for me!
  5. Every time I set it up and save it, it seems to move players around or change their roles. Have you noticed this at all?
  6. Any chance you can share the links to download the set pieces? I'm pulling my hair out trying to do it manually! Haha
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