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  1. I would absolute HATE to see something like this on a future edition. How would an "easier" level work? Give the gamer's players better stats than every other team? When you sign a player he automatically jumps a few points? Every other manager perhaps drops a couple of stats perhaps? Sorry, but I can't see this ever working in FM. It's not that sort of game. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Said it before - it could be done via the assistant manager. Hire an AM with good tactical knowledge and they should be able to help when 'its your tactics'. As an example, instead of the standard scouting report on the opposition, if you hit the button saying 'ask AM advice' it would look at the scout report, and suggest a formation, slider settings, and personnel, and (here's the important bit) TELL YOU WHY. For the newbie (which I am to FM08) this would be like a tutorial into the game. And for the player who really wants a challenge - don't ask the AM's advice.
  2. Getting the best out of Bojan

    Signing his dad as a scout first is the only way I can ever get him to Liverpool. But I usually get him on a free after 2 or 3 seasons.
  3. Match fixing

    I tried again this season, and lived to regret it. Won the league with 2 games to spare, so I was resting players ahead of the CL final. On the final day, Man U and Chelsea were equal on points in 2nd and 3rd, Villa 3points behind with a 5 worse goal diff than Man U. My last game was away at Villa. I put all my most average under-18s out, playing out of position (stiker in goal etc), used a standard 442 formation with no tweaks and gave no team talks at all. Lost 19-0 and every player had a full time rating of 1. Sadly Man U didn't lose their game, so they still finished second!
  4. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by heavybass: I class Bojan, Dos Santos and Messi as the three hardest signings. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> I got Messi (41.5m release clause) and Bojan (free) to Liverpool by 2010. I've never managed to get Rooney to Liverpool though.
  5. sergio aguero position

    I used to play 433 and retrained him very successfully as MC with lots of forward runs/run with ball/through balls. With a forward 3 of Fernandez/Torres/Saivet it was fairly attacking! But I think he works better in the middle than on the wing.
  6. Match fixing

    I also once threw the last game of my CL group to ensure that (I think) Atletico wouldn't qualify for the knockout stages. I then went in with a cheeky bid for Aguero in the January window....
  7. free kicks

    Just a thought, do the 'Long Shots', 'Through Ball' and 'Cross Ball' sliders have an effect here? Pretty rubbish if they do because you may well want your free-kick taker to shoot from FKs but pass in other situations (e.g. David Beckham).
  8. Does anyone else deliberately look to screw up their big rivals if possible? In my 2008/09 season I'd won the Premiership at a canter, so was blooding some young players in the last 3-4 games. Going into the last game of the season Man U were in 6th place but could still theoretically qualify for the CL if Villa lost and they won. My last game was against Villa, at Villa Park I sent out a team with an average age of 20, in a straight 442 and a very attacking mentality. Disaster loomed - I won 3-0! Luckily Man U lost their game anyway
  9. 'don't let your performances drop'

    I think it is quite a negative way of saying a positive thing. Basically, if you have been the better side but are only a goal up, or if you are leading but the other side have had chances, you want to be able to say 'Go out and kill this game off, keep it tight but get another goal'. It's no good saying 'one more goal will do it' as we all know that if you're only 2-0 up in the last 5 minutes the AI will go 4-2-4 and snatch a point But when you're 4-0 up there needs to be an option that says 'No-one's ever scored more than 10 goals in a game in this competition, I'll bet you all £100 quic you can't get into the record books'.
  10. 'don't let your performances drop'

    If they're 4-0 up then I can kind of understand because it's questioning their ability pretty seriously. I mean if you were AC Milan 3-0 up at half-time in a CL final, you'd have a right to be pretty confident wouldn't you But in a game where I am 2-0 up and there is a reasonable balance of shots on goal I think I've got every right to tell them not to fall asleep.
  11. 'don't let your performances drop'

    Surprised. I always use 'don't get complacent'/'don't let your performance drop' at half time if I'm leading, and never get any player complaints. My squad character is determined/ driven - maybe this makes a difference?
  12. The year is 2040

    You're very dedicated, I go on holiday during international weeks because I can't be bothered to keep pressing Continue - basically if I have 7 days without a game and I've not got any big transfers on the go I go on holiday! I guess I'm very lazy...
  13. FM08: Official Liverpool Thread

    It is a problem, and I always try to sign some good 17-yr-olds to beef up my HG quota, but that takes a couple of years. However, it gets better in the second season, as Carson comes back from Villa on loan, and Jack Hobbs is probably just about good enough as cover for central defence.
  14. FM08: Official Liverpool Thread

    Sam - have to say I would be tempted to bring in a striker in the January window if you have any funds available. Ideally if you can find a good striker who is unsettled (Adriano at Inter seems to get that quite a lot in my games) you might be able to bring them in on loan till the end of the season?