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  1. FM Scout favor Knap, FM Base favor Lisa and FM Arena favor TFF. That’s life, we all have our favorites. Test the tactics yourself, because none of the tactic testing leagues are accurate, and all have bias.
  2. Started a lower league save with Gateshead and had some crazy results with Fire&Water 4321 ox 103. Won the league at an absolute canter despite having a tiny squad (had to give contracts to greyed out youth players to fill my subs bench). But, the most insane thing has been the FA Cup. This is season 1 with a national league north side. Made it to the FA Cup Semi Final, beating along the way, Wigan, Forest at home, and Sheff Utd, Brighton Both away from home. Against Forest I had both wingers suspended and had no back up, so had to play greyed out players with all attributes in single figures. I am currently waiting to play the semi final, but Ive got Liverpool, so despite our heroics, we are getting knocked out this time. I have used man marking in the cup games, but not in the league. Found it less effective against inferior opposition.
  3. I a currently trying out the beowolf with MM and that is having very positive results.
  4. Impressive. Which tactic is this. Also how do I get on the discord. The link I tried is out of date.
  5. Really interesting, but I wonder what the actual effect of double intensity is compared to normal and half, if you set general training to balanced and all individual roles to the players.Not sure if you ever tried this, but would be interesting to see what value you get from the different intensities compared to the fitness and fatigue levels of your squad.
  6. Tested all of the tactics that have had the most recommendations over the last few weeks. Done a variety of different tests, from playing the same game over and over with each tactic, to playing a full season. All tests with Derby County who have a fairly flexible squad when it comes to fitting a formation, and I watched every game on extended highlights. Two tactics stood out no matter how I tested. Those two were the 4321 Fire and Water as has been said, and the other is the Venom 109 one. I found that the venom which is a 4-4-2 was overall better in terms of goals scored and chances created, Fire and Water was more consistent, but was not as potent offensively because of the 1 striker, whereas the 4-4-2 had a lot more interplay between the two up front which unlocked teams more often. For example in one of the tests I played around 15 games into the season, and I think chances created at the point I tested to was 92-70 in favour of Venom, with a similar ratio when it came to goals scores, although that was closer. In that particular test there was only 2 points difference in favour of Venom, but Fire and Water only had 1 defeat, where Venom had 3, but less draws. Venom did have a 9-0 win away at Middlesbrough which padded those stats, but also a 5-1 loss to Brentford. It felt more fun to watch, but the fire and water felt more reliable in as you knew what you were going to get. I also tested this floated crosses theory, while watching the match highlights. The clear difference is that floated crosses are mostly played into the strikers head, where low ones are mostly to the feet. That is the only difference. If your striker is rubbish in the air, I would avoid floated crosses, otherwise they are more effective if you have a more physical striker, as headers in this ME seem to hit the target more often than shots do. Just thought I would share my findings. Oh and the one game test which I played 7 times with each tactic was Leeds away. Venom had 4 wins 1 draw 2 losses Where Fire and Water had only 2 wins but 5 draws and 0 defeats.
  7. Using the Kashmir tactic. I thought it wasn’t very good away from home? 😆
  8. @knap Great thread, but a little overwhelming. Looking to use the 4321 Oxford tactic, but there are so many of them. Which should I be using? Playing with Derby first season. Have good young players to suit the formation.
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