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  1. Hi. Can you share Cerber V4 with Legendary Throw? Thanks!
  2. @FuSS, could you share this tactic with me? It can be via PM. I was impressed. Thank you.
  3. For the first time in years, TFF's tactics don't work well for me. The game also does not collaborate, it has a lot of random results. Other than that, @Totalfootballfan seems to be more distant and disconnected from the community. There are many reports here of people who were unsuccessful with the tactics in OP. Even so, there has been no update for a long time, and he is less and less showing up here to interact with us. know there is a life out there and I hope he is well and healthy, but it is a shame that distance, because I consider TFF tactics to be the best I have tried on the FM ser
  4. I am shocked. I didn't know that you could change the ME original. Now I'm wondering if I could change this RNG in the game. The FM 20 is very fickle in the results. It's very random. That sucks. Did you see anything about it over there at FMKorea?
  5. @FuSS, Understand. The classic 442 reminds me of good old Ferguson Manchester United. I like the style: fast, direct, intense. Anyway ... I really like your tactics, and if you can think about it, it will be interesting. That 442 of 07 was insane. Good times. Thank you!
  6. @LandonDonovan10, Is the tactic you posted already with the throw included or is it Knap's original tactic without tweaks? thanks!
  7. Hi @FuSS, Why not try to create a traditional 442 for FM 2020, inspired by that of 07? It can work well. 442 is a strong formation this year.
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