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  1. So.. after playing a lot of preseason but still no competitive games my system is looking a lot like @FlairRA albeit with some changes. I’ll list what I’ve added below: In possession- wide, over lap right Transition - throw it long, distribute to flanks Out of possession- higher defensive line, pressing down to standard and defend narrower GK- SK-S(I’ll come back to this later) RB- WB-S- Felt an attack duty was too aggressive and Neville was definitely about defending first imo CBR- cover CBL- stopper CM- S more direct passes Both wide midfielders cross more often left side dribble more. CF- A rather than support Now some thoughts... looking at the stats after games my team are not keeping the ball at any point. I understand they’re trying to play high tempo but I also don’t want the GK/CB/BWM( especially if they don’t have good passing) trying to force the issue too much as these seem to be the main culprits for giving the ball away. This has lead to me putting on the transition instructions as my goalie was registering 20% passes etc every game. Still much experimentation required here I feel. Could I put swap positions between the two strikers to get some of the interchange of Cole and Yorke? Not sure how effective this is in fm? Cross from deep for the right sided wide midfielder? Let me know your thoughts and how your efforts are going guys 👌🏻
  2. @skyline72 CF S and Adv F atm! Not getting enough play between them 😕
  3. @skyline72 Think I've settled on CM D and BBM in the middle as that seems to be getting a decent blend. Other than that up and down but still early days as I didn't play much last night. And I agree but when I've tried a system where I drop the second striker to number 10 position I've got absolutely nothing out of the team. Standard 442 working best overall imo
  4. Hi guys, Finally feel like I'm making progress thanks to your help. Anyone got any thoughts on the yorke role possibly working as a treq?
  5. Wow this has blown up since I last checked! Thanks everybody. I’m gonna start testing in a bit with a very basic setup like you’ve all suggested and go from there. I will probably be quite cautious with my cm roles compared to some of the suggestions as unfortunately I don’t have access to Keane and Scholes ☹️ I shall report back with what I find tonight!
  6. @Experienced Defender 1. So if I was to go attacking as has already been suggested might be worthwhile to drop to standard for both passing and tempo? 2. And then drop everything to standard and add be more disciplined??
  7. @nidhar.ram @skyline72 thanks for this I've got some experiments to try later! How would you set up on the defensive side of the ball? And I think I want to try this with Bournemouth because of their pace up front. And would you both keep TI's to a minimum then? As @skyline72 you seem to be suggesting taking off exploiting flanks etc?
  8. Attacking a good shout. Sorry what do you mean by add ones for distribution and counter? And bpd was my latest trial but you're right I think I can get rid. In terms of the playmaker I feel like because of the focus of trying to go wide does a playmaker not take away from that?
  9. Hello, I've been trying to start to create a 442 system based off of a Fergie 442. I will add for what should supposedly be a standard formation I've never had any success with it and with all my experiments having failed here I am! Hypothetically how would you set the team up with this objective in mind? I'll list what I've been trying to run below: Positive Possession-more direct, pass into space, focus down left+right, higher tempo and extremely wide Transition- Distribute to full backs, counter Out of poss- higher defensive line, more urgent SK-S WB S CD D BPD D FB A WM A BWM D BBM W S DLF S AF Thanks!
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