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  1. I have a similar issue. I can only see the Job Security of EFL League Two, which was the league that I started in.
  2. Great, Thanks. Are all the tactics compatible with the current ME?
  3. There are so many tactics here, I don't know where to start. @knap Could you suggest a tactic for Northampton Town, please? Predicted 14th in League Two.
  4. @RDF Tactics A question about your Big Away tactic. In the OP, the mentality is Attacking, but in the later post, you've adjusted it to Cautious. Is this something you've found works better as you've progressed?
  5. @knap I think my question may have got lost amongst yesterday's posts. Could you recommend a tactic for Leicester, please?
  6. Anyone know the answer to this? Or do I have to manually assign marking duties once the game starts?
  7. Is there a way of permanently assigning my striker to mark an opponent playing in a particular position? For instance, if I want him to mark a full back, regardless of who's playing there, can I set this pre-match of do I have to wait until the game has started, pause it, and assign the duty in PI?
  8. Playing with the 'flexible' tweak and my Leicester team in the first season finished in 4th. Now, this time last year with your Silk and Steel tactic, I also had similar success but as soon as the final patch arrived, it killed it for me. I'm hoping this doesn't happen this time too.
  9. This was true until the patch arrived and took the edge off it. Was probably the most successful tactic I used throughout FM14
  10. Well... I first of all need to apologise to Mr U Rosler for doubting the S+S v2 sine 14.3 What first appeared as an incompatibility with 14.3, it appears it was merely a rough patch that I was having. It's 2016/17, I'm Leicester and have finished 4th in the Premier League, won the Super Cup, the FA Cup and retained the Europa League too. All this with a relatively modest transfer budget (never been given more than £12m at the beginning of the season). I haven't strayed at all from S+S v2 and it's worked a treat. I was a little hasty to blame the update for making the tactic less than effective. For anyone who has doubted this tactic since the update, give it another try. If I'm being picky, I'd just like a more effective corner tactic.
  11. Sorry, I meant S+S_v2 rather than the original. I changed the anchorman to half back to see if that helped with the balls over the top before I removed tight marking from the CDs but it didn't seem so defensively solid. I can't say I've noticed many goals scored by balls over the top though.
  12. I've been playing around with the original S+S as I really liked that tactic. The only changes I've made are: 1. Dropped the CF to a SS as in Rainmaker_v3 2. Removed the 'mark tighter' player instruction from all the players Although I didn't finalise this tactic until late in the season, I did finish 7th and won the Europa League in the third season with Leicester.
  13. I'm not sure where to post this but I'm currently playing a game where my tactics have stopped working since the update. I was enjoying this save and rather than spend the season tweaking to find something that works (and potentially getting sacked), I'd prefer to rewind to a pre-14.3 option if I can. I'm on a mac, as I realise that makes a difference. Thanks
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