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  1. Ah okay thanks. I'll try that later. Also for some more info I sent my save to my brother and it worked for him, and any new games that I start and then save, load properly it's just all my old saves from before 23/03/2020
  2. Just double checked the version and its the 18.3.4 update
  3. Hi thanks for getting back to me. I think it's the 18.4 version (I assume it's the latest one as I've got it set to update to the latest version on Steam) and I haven't used any custom database or the editor in the saves I'm trying to load
  4. Whenever I try to load my save it freezes for a brief moment then the loading bar moves a little bit and then gets stuck and doesn't progress any further. I left it for over an hour and yet the loading bar made no progress. None of my save files work it's all the same issue
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