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  1. England is one of the biggest soccer country's in the world they have produced a lot of top class players and a lot of them are free agents. In this FM20 list we are going to show you the best FM20 English free agents. Free agents are player you can pick up for no transfer fee only have to pay salary so that's very cheap and sometimes a lot of good free agents are available that's why we made this list.

    List is made by fmplays.com



    Last Club
    Jordan Mutch
    Gyeongnam FC
    Ben Marshall
    Tom Adeyemi
    Greg Halford
    Tyrone Mears
    West Brom
    Jack Rodwell
    Grant Ward
    Lewis Buxton
    Tom Thorpe
  2. We all know that The Netherlands is one of the biggest country's producing world class players a lot of players came reached the absolute top players like Cruijff, Koeman. But The Netherlands was not doing great after the lost world cup final in 2010 they didn't qualify for the 2012 EC, 2016 EC and also no WC in 2018 so something had to be changed so that's what happened The Netherlands started by contracting a new coach Ronald Koeman the ex Barcelona player received the job but that wasn't all that's going to happen they wanted young players and all old players out that's what they did they removed Robin van Persie, Arjen Robben, Wesley Sneijder, Rafael van der Vaart they all got removed from the squad and new talent were added such as Ajax trio Donny van de Beek, Frenkie de Jong, Matthijs de Ligt also a bunch of other talents were added.

    A lot of these talents and world class players started at their local clubs. Can you produce new top players with these lower division clubs?
    We added a downloadable database by @Timo@ so you can play in lower divisions

    Article is made by fmplays.com

    Download Database @Timo@ : Click Here

    My 5 recommendations for clubs to manage



    AFC is located in Amsterdam and is currently the best Dutch amateur club can you manage to get this club promoted to the Keuken Kampioen Divisie?

    HSV Hoek

    HSV Hoek is a club that has a lot of Belgium players in their squad because the club is very close located to Belgium this city only has 2900 citizens can you bring them to the top?


    This club is relegated a lot of times in 2016 they played at Derde Divisie and now they play Eerste Klasse which is 2 divisions lower can you bring this club back to the top in FM2020?

    Achilles 29

    In 2017 they played in the Keuken Kampioen Divisie but now they relegated 3 times in 4 years! can you bring this club back their glory?

    vv IJsselmeervogels / Spakenburg

    These two teams are the biggest rivals they are located in the same city and play in the same league which make this very special can you manage one of these teams and beat their rivals?
  3. Just like in real life, taking advantage of the opportunity to sign a player who has finished his contract is a very smart way of managing a club since you can save the transfer fee and invest it in other players, in improving the club's facilities, a new stadium, etc. However, getting top players "for free" is not easy, nor is it much less common, in recent football history we have cases like Andrea Pirlo at Juventus or Zlatan Ibrahimovic at AC Milan, who are players with a high profile and a great professional career but near the end of their respective careers.

    These are the type of players that one usually gets without a contract when starting the game of Football Manager 2020 in July 2019 and they are usually veterans of a good level. However, here is a list of some players under the age of 30 who are free at the start of the first season.
    List is made by fmplays.com

    • Biro Biro (Brazilian) – Attacking Midfielder, Striker – 24 years old.
    • Alvaro Medrán (Spanish) – Attacking Midfielder – 25 years old.
    • Lucas Silva (Brazilian) – Defensive Midfielder – 26 years old.
    • Emre Colak (Turkish) – Left Attacking Midfielder – 28 years old.
    • Giulio Donati (Italian) – Right Full Back – 29 years old.

    Here are some good options for non-contract players who can perform well without making a transfer fee. You can thank me later.
    Credits fmplays.com

  4. 5 minutes ago, Smurf said:

    What do you need? I am a graphic designer by trade (went to college and full apprenticeship etc.) 

    I am also on the forums regularly giving out practical computer advice - so I could give a hand there if someone is looking for new laptop/computer for FM or having techinical issues.

    Is this paying?

    already found someone thanks anyway :)

  5. 17 hours ago, latrell said:

    can you let us know when you get it up and running sounds interesting.

    Got a reply they said this

    You don't require our permission to do this nor is there anything you expressly need to post in order to do so as long as you're not attempting to make money from the use of our images.

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