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  1. Hey there. Im the owner of fmplays.com and we are looking for some staff members to help us making more content etc please message me if your interested
  2. Hello everyone Im the owner of a website cant post the link here sorry send me a message I need some help developing with my site i want to create some stuff but i cant do it myself! if someone knows how to program please let me know il also pay we can discuss a price
  3. Im gonna add a complete player database with all fm players and will do that every year also gonna add other fun things that isnt here
  4. What you mean? my english isnt that great ;p
  5. its ok for me just wanted to start a fun forum website you can take a look if you want
  6. Take a look here http://www.fmplays.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=2
  7. Got a reply they said this You don't require our permission to do this nor is there anything you expressly need to post in order to do so as long as you're not attempting to make money from the use of our images.
  8. sure haven't got a reaction yet
  9. Hello everyone I recently started my own forum about football manager please take a look http://www.fmplays.com/ we dont have much threads yet but improving everyday were also looking for staff please contact me on twitter for that @FmplaysC Website Link http://www.fmplays.com/ Have a nice day ;p
  10. Ok mate thanks a lot i will contact them
  11. Hello everyone Im starting my own fm 20 forum with news tips etc but i would like to know what i have to post in my footer of my website because of using fm20 images anyone knows this?
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