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  1. Yeah... its weird. What about highlights from other games, do they also run smooth? Mine seems to be using fewer frames per sec. than in my own games.
  2. You can still do that by setting processing fixtures to fastest. Only one or two games will be played whilst yours is happening. If that doesn't work then you need to run less programs in the background or get a better PC! </div></BLOCKQUOTE> My PC has the power to produce explosive friendly matches so the problem is within the program. When I set the processing fixture to fastest FM still play matches in the background. I conclude this because I can watch the "latest scores" of many other games that play at the same time. I simply want FM to include an option to pospone these matches while Im running my own match making sure it runs with the same speed as when I play friendlies. I dont mind waiting for all the other matches being processed after my match is done.
  3. I think it would be nice if fm2007 had a match engine that run with same speed each game. Im sick and tired watching fantastic pre-season friendlies where the match engine runs like a dream, good pace and smooth like a baby's ass. When it comes to normal league games the match engine runs around 20% slower taking away all the explosiveness. I tried the "processing fixtures" feature that doesnt seem to have any effect on this problem. I remember in previous versions of the game the user had an option to prevent any other games running in the background making sure that the pace of the match engine was optimal. Please bring that option back.
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