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  1. Haaland's biography is incorrect? he didn't join BVB in 18/19
  2. Playing as Leicester, created my own pre-season tournament that ran from 5th of July to the 7th, on the "competitions" page annoyingly this cup is bang in the middle of the page although it's unimportant, anyway to get rid of it? or will it stay there until the end of the season? The cup says "competition in progress" i guess this is because the season hasn't finished yet.
  3. hmmm, i just started a new game on the original season database and the game is showing 1/1 manager. Any game started on the 20.3/20.4 database is showing up 2/1 manager.
  4. Hi Guys, For some reason whenever i play as Arsenal, and ONLY Arsenal, my "Staff" section shows 2/1 in the Manager box, i started some other games and this never happens with other teams, only Arsenal even when I add a new manager to a new game, it only happens as Arsenal. Anyone know why/how?!?! Deleted the game and redownloaded it and still no change. Only showing up on Arsenal. Is this a bug following 20.4 update? And if so, can I continue playing as them? Or will this lead to a bigger crash? I am unsure of how to delete the cache and preferences like in other FM’s, don’t kn
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