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  1. ok now some squad building questions if you don't mind since i like to know how you think about the tactic are you not worried about the speed of pique or is lenglet too worse in other areas? i am buying a CB either way if you were going to make transfers, would you play griezzman and suarez at AMC and look for a right winger and play dembele left, or would you keep griezman on left wing and buy an amc? would you sell busquets and use arthur/de jong at DM? busquets is very slow and isn't as mobile as de jong or arthur
  2. tff sorry to ask this but i want to understand how you compare certain players better can you show me how you would line up barcelona since i have a few questions about the squad that i need you to answer, and easy way is to see who you prefer where
  3. that's what i thought, was just hoping you had something secret in the works is there anything new that you're working on that might perform better?
  4. hey tff i really like the latest tactic and i know you do a lot of testing, but the other day i saw this guys thread he has very impressive results with 3 cb formations, have you considered anything like that for your next tactic? it might be harder to make it plug and play but i would love if you could get a 3 cb formation to have similar results if not better than annihilator
  5. hey tff what do you think about mesut ozil, good player for the amcl position or bad? also 2 question about 2 positions with ml/mr, how bad is cutting inside? if you had someone like neymar and he was playing wing, would you play him MR cause he's right footed, is that how important the crossing and footing is? should you try to get pure winger players that aren't inverted? trying to better understand the optimal way to create chances and with amc, what is their primary role in the tactic, how much importance should be on their finishing/long shots, or is the dribbling/passing/pace all that matters, so they can chase the ball and create chances? ty
  6. mine never look like that the wing back always throws it in to the 6 yard box for the striker or another player to try win a header, never have i seen it short to the winger
  7. is it possible that the DL i had was bugged or not uploaded properly? cause i tested cerber on an earlier save and was averaging over 1 per game, and i haven't had more than 2 in my last 25 games
  8. hey tff! i'm a big fan and follower of your work for a long time, you may remember me (same username) from that other big forum you no longer post on lol i'm really liking this new tactic, the annihilator, but i've played around 20 games and i've only had 1 goal come from throw ins from it my wbl always takes left side throwin, my wbr always takes right side i feel like if i had a few more goals this tactic would be perfect, is there no throwin goals from annihilator like the other tactics or is it maybe bugged?t
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