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  1. hi knap which tactic is the best at the moment you think vs IA ? and which one can be really great vs real player on pvp ?
  2. hi knap whats the best 4411 , the tea for one vol4 4411 or the 4411 fire and water p105 all cups ?
  3. Hi TFF , atm the best tactic is the annihilator v1 ? more than cerber ? and you tryed it on multiplayer vs real player ? like on draft ?
  4. Ok so you think 4321 oxford p106 all cups is the best for Draft / Pvp ? and for play offensive you think i should try some 4231 ? or the 4321 oxford is just far the best ? and for 4231 you think which one is the best ? parisienne or tea for one ?
  5. Hi knap i hope you are fine , which tactic is the best with top team you think at the moment ? And specially, which tactict is the best on Draft ( player vs player not IA ) you think ? 4231 parisienne ? or the tea for one version ? or another one lol thanks a lot
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