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  1. Hi guys, thanks first of all for your answers. I also managed to get the refund. I will tell you about my experience as I believe it can be useful to other players who have to decide to request a refund, which I recommend ALL to do. I also contacted the support via chat, and I have attached the link to this forum. I also let you know that I was one of those who had uploaded the damaged files here on the forum. Unfortunately I was unable to attach images, so I could not show her the refund that James had received on the grounds "product is defective / damaged". So the "very kind"
  2. Hi James, could you explain to me exactly how did you get the refund? Because they are making stories to me. They gave me the excuse of the hours of play, in open violation of their rules on returns and refunds. They said I have to write to SEGA, and they diverted me to a phantom consultation of superior technicians, asking me a lot of information that has nothing to do with the bug in question. Now I wonder if I really should be forced to go to a judge to assert my right, concerning a NOTORIAL problem, which they persistently deny. I ask all those who have useful information in order to
  3. Hi, I do not think so. I was saving on the same file and not on three in turn like you and I had the same problem. From experience I can say that the only thing that causes the problem in question is the extension of the database. For example, I tried to make a career by setting only the South American and Mexican leagues as playable, and the game works normally. The problem whith this small configuration of database is game wasn't realistic enough. For example, I did not receive offers for my players from European countries as would have happened if I had made them pla
  4. Hi Ben, It happened much earlier than before, before Google did this update. I was alone on 11 march 2020.
  5. It only happened to me twice, but I can't give you more information about it. I think it happened on two occasions, including a few minutes ago, in which I played FM for several hours, going on for several months. It is strange, because if it were the connection to jump, as happened to me other times, entering the 10 minutes of waiting continues to save. Instead, it returns to the home screen and the game restarts as if you had opened it at the time (licenses, no war child, etc. etc.). The rescue, of course, did not take place and the load starts again from the previous one.
  6. Hi Ben, I hope the problem has been solved. I personally encountered another bug, which has already happened to me twice. The automatic saving starts, which I set to once a month / always on the same file and, when it reaches the end, it exits the game and I return to the home screen of Stadia.
  7. Hi, It happened to me too, only in one game, in the second half. Except that in my case my players had the opponent's shirt. In the photo (sorry for the poor quality) you can see my players during an exultation after the goal, some with the shirt of Defensa y Justicia, others with the shirt of the opponent, Atlético Tucumàn.
  8. Hi Ben, I don't know if I will be able to make myself understood with the help of google translate. I uploaded (I hope correctly) four files, the names are: Hungerford 1; Hungerford 2; Vis Pesaro 1 A; Vis Pesaro 1 B. The files are four because I noticed, downloading the saves from google takeout, this strange doubling. The game with Hungerford (I don't know which of the two rows it is) can no longer be loaded. As I wrote in a previous message, this happened as a result of overwriting the file where the game automatically saved. Last night, the other problem encountered
  9. Hi, Where I should send the save game files?
  10. In my case, the problem occurred when, by mistake, instead of clicking on "save game", I clicked on "save game as" and I overwrote the file on which it saved automatically. Although he managed to save the game, from that moment on he never allowed me to load it. I started a new career with the original database and at the moment everything is going well, even if I share the fear of the other forumists to be able to lose all the efforts made at any moment. Either way, I'd like to recover the corrupt save and help troubleshoot Stadia, so if my gamertag can serve it's: Lou #8719
  11. I have a question, does the problem only occur with the latest game update? If I play with the original game database, will the problem not recur even if I choose the same configuration?
  12. Hi, I have the same problem, same setup (all nations and leagues applied and use a large database). Google Stadia support told me to ask to Sports Interactive. Can you help me, please?
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