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  1. Hi Alistair, thanks for your reply. I have had 3 separate saves and it has occurred on all 3. On the first game I started up I don’t think it began for at least 10 hours into the save but ever since it will happen within an hour of starting up either a new save or loading a saved game, it often happens within ten mins or so. it definetly seems like it should be a hardware issue as if the left stick is overly sensitive, but I have played probably 10 other games since getting the switch in December and had no issues at all on any of them.
  2. I have an issue on the switch lite. The game was fine when I first purchased in Jan then started every now and then after an hour or so if playing to play up, it now starts sooner. I had worked around it originally and then hadn’t played in a while but have came back to it today and it is almost impossible to play as a result. It may seem like it’s an issue with my switch itself or the controls but I have literally had not one issue with any other games. basically when you click L to bring up the menu bar on the left then move the cursor across to select an option, the game try to force you to choose the bottom option of the sub menu (ir on the Staff option this would be job security), this happens on all of the options, image attached. You can battle against it and force it to choose the one you want but it isn’t exactly ideal and maybe 25% of the time you choose the wrong option as a result. In addition, you will constantly have things pop up in the centre of the screen when you are viewing your players or an individual players page (in these examples attached it is next opponent, past meetings and career stats). If I had came across even one other potential hardware issue in the last 3 months then I would accept that this would be the issue but it is definitely a FM20 issue alone.
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