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  1. As the author said this is not a tactic thread, it is about everyone contributing to get a feel for a tactic not about any flaws read the whole thread mate and absorb and understand. You are being very negative explain how you lost, what went wrong? You don't really give much clue as too how you started to lose games? Injuries? Complacency?AI adapted to your tactic? Best thread on here for ages and loving the fact it has its flaws and keeps me working on were,why and how to change it. I would post images but for some reason am unable any ideas?
  2. Hi all like me i hope you find this helpful, have read loads on Opposition Instructions. Some people use them some don't and as no real breakdown on what to use and how i thought i would try. OI's are an integral part of the tactic(i think so anyway) and used with a really good Tactical Knowledge member of staff can help nullify certain players. Below is what i have found while playing the same game on full match over and over to perfect these oi's. Feel free to comment agree or disagree and if you think i have missed anything please say so. The guide is based on Premiership players hence the 15 rating. If using these for other leagues try 13 for Championship, 10 for Division 1 and 2 and 8 for below that. All attributes must be used otherwise a false instruction is given so for any forward to Tight Mark Always he must have 15- in heading and jumping not just one of them. Sorry about the layout but for some reason i am not allowed to upload images or files????? Tight Marking Always Attacking Mid, Advanced Mid 15- Off The Ball 15+ Passing, Creativity, First Touch, Crossing, Dribbling Any Forward 15- Heading, Jumping 15+ None Tight Marking Never Wingers 15- Anticipation, Off The Ball 15+ Off The Ball, Anticipation, Acceleration, Pace Inside Forwards, Treqs Etc 15- Heading ,Jumping 15+ None Closing Down Always Full Backs, Wingers 15- Dribbling, Pace, Anticipation, 15+ Passing, Creativity, Crossing,Agility, Technique Midfielders ,Defensive Mids Inside Forwards 15- Off the ball, First Touch, 15+ None Composure Attacking Mids, 15- None 15+ Passing, Positioning,Creativity, Decisions, Technique Defensive Mids Closing Down Rarely Inside Forwards, Wingers 15- Creativity, Technique, 15+ Acceleration, Pace,Dribbling,Crossing, Tackling Hard Wingers 15- Bravery, Composure, Dribbling 15+ Passing, Creativity, First Touch Attacking Mids 15- Agility, Pace 15+ None All Mids 15- Bravery, Composure, 15+ None Tackling Easy Wingers ,Attacking Mids, 15- None 15+ Balance, Agility, Dribbling, Pace, Acceleration, Bravery, Strength. All Mids Weaker Foot All Positions Must have weaker on info page Full Backs, Wingers 15+ Crossing
  3. So train to individual stat then from lowest up to highest cool thanks for your help
  4. Been on here for many years but not played FM since 05 version now back and impressed with the major overhaul with the game. So hello to all the old names i recognise and enough waffling :-). My question is this always been interested in the training on FM and this version is a great improvement on older types. I have been flicking through my coach reports on individual players screen and each coach suggests a different individual training focus. The player is an 18 yo IF and all the recommendations from each coach cover a part of the IF training. My question is would i be better training him on the IF individual role or on the specific attribute recommended by each coach? He plays as a regular in my Colchester squad first team and am intrigued to find if anyone has a theory on what is best. I have read numerous threads on the site but none of them actually raise or answer this question?
  5. Ahh i set 14 as a top league bench mark but 12 might be better as would give more advantage to pick out the main players who need extra attention.
  6. Wow that is perfect and fits exactly what i am trying to achieve. As in the prem the minium value would be 14 or below, thanks for this will give it a test and let you know how it goes, can you remember what site it was from?
  7. I have used the AssMan advice on occaisons but like anything else would like to eventually to my own oi's. What i have seen is that if say the DL advances my AMR and MCR both attempt to close him down? Like Cleon said this causes issues and leaves gaps, so to avoid this is it best to reduce the CF on the wingers? Or play with a Rigid Mentality?
  8. Both valid points and like i said am intrigued with the oi's have noticed that on occaisons players tend to close down in 2's so i might re-think my strategy. I am sure that the oi's can work well like the shouts but it seems to be all about getting the right balance.
  9. Hahahahaha i have a vision of my players running around behind each other chasing the ball :-)
  10. This part of FM has always intigued me as in older versions was never really used but in FM13 it is a major part of the tactics. I tend to focus on OI's and shouts as my major tactic build up so recently have been looking into how OI's effect play. I have a great AssMan(Ricky Sbragia) who has very high stats for tactical knoweledge etc and his oi's he recommends are great but i always like to try what if scenarios? So i decided to tinker with the oi's, loads of posts saying to check this and check that but really how many people do check opponents stats etc and how many really understand them? :-) Being a huge Arsenal fan i remember watching us under George Graham and his philosophy of defend from the front got me thinking. I decided to ignore the usual oi's on the wingers and forwards and decided to focus on the defenders and keeper. Seeing as all goals are scored via the defence build up i reckoned that if i nulify there threat then the attackers are easily picked off. Its also easier below is what i do every game 1-Close down all defenders(DC,DR/L, DMC and GK) 2-Tight Mark the best Passer 3-Show on Wrong Foot the DR/L and GK (if a real weakness on one foot target this) 4-Hard tackle the DC with lowest Bravery Short and simple what i notice it does is that it forces the defence to panic and hit long balls or hopefully give away possesion. They still score goals but it cuts down on there chances and my own defence can cope with most of there attacks as allowed to use there own decisions.
  11. Agree as i use Balanced+Control so also add the drop deeper shout as helps reduce the D line a bit more. Other shouts i have found productive for a counter strategy are Clear Ball to Flanks, Hit Early Crosses, Pass into Space and Run at Defence as using 4231 these have proved very efficient.
  12. Do you find the A (d) works? I use a DMC (d) which covers the gap in midfield i find the Anchorman stays to deep. I would put up screen shots but for some odd reason am not allowed, option is unavailable?
  13. Hmmm my pre-season is going well one thing i did notice is that having the CM (a) made him run around too much and leave gaps so i have changed this to a BBM (s) and much more fluid in the middle and support.
  14. Intresting the only other i use alongside these is Clear Ball to The Flanks which i find fits with the play wider, you have better wingers/IF's than me so see if it adds anything. Also i use a combo of DLP(d) and DM(s) i find the DLP buffers the gaps in the middle by using the passes better again like yourself all WIP but great thread.
  15. Been following this as i have a similar formation for away games what shouts if any have you been using? The reason i ask is that i have been experimenting in pre-season with a set of counter attack shouts but so far not having much impact. I set all my players to the TC default so rely heavily on my shout combo's thanks in advance.
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