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  1. I have spent quite a lot of time in EHM. It's a nice break from FM from time to time as it feels less complicated and faster to run through. If there is still going to be updates or a new version is made I hope remaining it that way will be in focus. When it comes to ideas for a new update I am therefor not that interested in adding new features and complexity, I would rather just have the features already here improved, because some of them are a bit frustrating to me. These are my suggestions. 1. Star system. I hate that my 2nd liner and my franchise player both have their rating maxed out. The gap is way way too big. 2. The ability to ask a trade to all clubs for your player with picks. because that seems to be the endgame strategy, and it's exhausting having to edit every offer you get on a player to get such. 3. Having the board not stop me from going too much above the salary cap. If I want to exchange my franchise player with a non contract franchise player. Signing and afterwards trading my existing one makes more sense that trading and then signing. Because if he refuses to sign I end up not having any.
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