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  1. Hi Ben, do you receive the permission from google to access to my save games? If not, I can contact again google trying to facilitate it.
  2. Hi Ben, thank you for answering me. My Stadia gamertag is Dambro93#6316. I use a large database with almost all nations too. I removed recently 2 or 3 nations and then the problem occurs, I don't know if there is any link because for some days the game works well. Before this issue I was non able to overwrite the savings, any error message appeared, but when I loaded the game I had to play a match that I had already played. I solved this problem saving with a different file name. I don't know exactly when this problem occurred, maybe 1 month ago, but I'm not sure, however not at the beg
  3. Good morning, I am Marco and I have a problem with FM2020 on Google Stadia. I always save my game on three different savings. Unfortunately I cannot load two of them because the error message “impossible to load the game” occurs. Instead, when I load the only saving that works, then I cannot save. Again an error message occurs: “impossible to save the game”. I have already contacted Google Stadia’s support and they told me to ask to the developer of the game. Is it possible to fix the problem?
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