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  1. I've got this issue too! It's not good and I'm about 5 season in. I can revert to an oldler save file, but the issue still appears
  2. Replying to my own message here. I've managed to save the game using a different save file name to the previous one that I loaded. This seems to work one time as I've tried to save the renamed file and the error message then appears on the newly named file. Not sure if this is a different issue to the above, but a soution (of sorts) if anyone has this issue. So, rename your saves!
  3. Hi @Ben Allingham, I’ve recently got this issue with my Hartlepool save on Stadia. I’m about 5 seasons in and has only just started the save issue. It hasn’t happened before, accept the issue of not saving after quitting the game. So I’ve created multiple versions of the save file to ensure progress is captured. Is there any update on this issue? Or is there a limit between FM and Stadia for the file size? Thanks, Kyle
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