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  1. Non of this will happen for legal reasons. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Hmmm... because players might sue for defamation if something randomly ficticious happens to them in a simulated game world? I could understand that I guess. What about if it happens to regens? Or nameless local/national people? Perhaps it could be post-edited into the game by the consumer? Would be nice if we can more easily make up and edit our own media stories, press news and comments, or match commentary and team talks.
  2. There have been a few suggestions to make the game/simulation less repetitive. So what about local, national or world events that affect football? For example, a natural disaster, and fund raising matches held, or 1 min silence before the matches start. Football players having off-field scandals that the manager has to respond to. A local fan is missing, or has an accident, and the team has a testimonial match for them. A player leaving for another country for a ridiculous amount of money, while his wife has a reality tv show made about their new life, and search for a new home... (something tells me this has happened already) Or bad blood off-field between ex-players and the manager. Lots of stuff that 'could' happen.
  3. Testimonial and 'special' friendly matches. People say this doesn't happen IRL, or doesn't affect the manager... I beg to differ. Next month, there is going to be a European XI vs Manchester United 'jubilation' match. I'm sure that the organisers would have get permission from various managers (S.A. Ferguson to say the least). Ferguson has even commented to the press that he would field a 'full strength side' as well. PS: I've also seen in the Greek league a Greece XI vs Foreign XI already in the game.
  4. I've seen calls for a 'touring squad' to be selectable, instead of being able to call up every tom/dick/harry from the reserves or under 18's while you're in Peru on tour the morning before the match. Here here. But what about the effects of jet lag on players on the way back home? Or what about players who play internationals halfway across the globe. Can distance traveled have more of an effect on players.
  5. 1. Option to give a player who is injured an injection to fast-track his return if you need them back quickly. 2. Random unexpected events - scandals, on or off-field incidents that you need to make statements to the press or talk to players or the board about. 3. Testimonial or charity matches 4. Effects of travel with away games - europe, or if some of your international players have to travel half way around the globe to play for their country, the effects of jet-lag should be noticeable. 5. When going on tour or away during pre-season to have a select squad that you assign to travel with you, instead of being able to call up anyone from your reserves or under-18 to play in South America.
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