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  1. It'll take more than a little near death experience to stop us. After a couple of weeks of hiatus after a car accident, we're back with a new episode. Episode 3 of the CCL is live and it's our third matchday of the league. The Trucking FM's Cornish Marauders goes head to head with Casa Zu Salzburg's Mwepu Attack.
  2. Episode 17 is out! The Journeyman is back and we continue to plough forward with Cobh Ramblers. We've come back a little bit this season, can we continue the good run of form? #FM20 #WeAreTheCommunity
  3. WE ARE LIVE ⚠️🔥 Episode 2 of the #CCL is here and today we see all the action play out in the Community Cup! 8 teams will go out, 8 teams will go through, and our featured game pits @OldLadyPlays against @watofm #FM20 #WeAreTheCommunity
  4. NEW SEASON, NEW TEAM? 🤔 Our contract was up at the end of the season at Cobh and our run has been anything but impressive. Did we get a second chance? Or are we finally living up to that Journeyman tag?
  5. THE CCL IS FINALLY HERE!! 16 content creators have drafted 18 players to their teams and set their tactics. We have multiple breakdowns of the teams from different creators, as well as the introductory video on my channel, but the season is finally kicked off. Today's episode is features Avoiding Relegation's team Relegation Athletic colliding with FM Tahiti's team Hoof FC.
  6. IT'S THE LAST GAME OF THE SEASON! Apologies about the editing. Lost the video after this so had to summarize the end of the season. It's the EL SACKIO! Loser leaves town. Can we hang on yet again?
  7. This video will be a little different to most other CCL videos on this channel as I am focusing on my specific team and why I made my choices. In future videos I will work more as a host and facilitator, but following on from videos from other CCL creators I wanted to introduce my team and give reasons for my choices. The Creators Community League, or CCL, is a simulated Football Manager 2020 league featuring 16 content creators. We have each drafted 18 players to our 16 teams, and will play a minimum of 31 games against one other with tactics being decided at the start of the season and
  8. This is the video I was talking about before. This is the introduction to a league that involves sixteen FM content creators. We're all really excited about it so if you're wanting to get an idea of what we're planning, give this short 2 min video a look.
  9. I'm gonna keep posting in this section until someone clicks on it haha. Here is the latest episode of The Journeyman at Cobh Ramblers.
  10. You sir, have the patience of a saint haha. 10 seasons, wow. I thought my team was about to become the first Vincibles team but you've beat me to it haha. I win!....or wait, I lose. I won my game after that one which made it 20 league games without a win. Insane.
  11. Hey man, you should get over to Twitter. The community is pretty solid and it was huge for getting me involved and talking with other people. You'll find me at @ObliqueKick. (Would have posted this on your videos but your comments are off. Should bang them on). You could use a small bit more energy into it, but this will come with time and confidence (I'm still waiting for that to come to me too haha). Good breakdowns of different aspects throughout the video. You focus on the analysis which I've found people tend to really get invested in. Keep getting them out them mate.
  12. Football Manager. Memes. Solid Snake. I'm sold. Downside, watching the FM is Beautiful video and the commentry of the classic Aguero goal overlayed over that one made me laugh at work and now I'm pretending it was coronavirus sneezes. Thanks a lot!
  13. Watching the Occupying Space video now, really interesting stuff. That's not something you specifically get tutorials from and if people are like myself, they won't always have the patience to sit in the top down view and take notes of everything happening. Especially considering my team's knowledge of space is to run around aimlessly with no plans or intentions, this was useful stuff haha. Dropped you a sub and followed on twitter. Keep it up mate. EDIT: Since you didn't add it, for anyone else wanting to check out JGanzermillerFC's stuff, here's a link to his most recent
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