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  1. Hi BMNJohn, Thank you very much for your answer! I had already checked Netherlands league system, as I remembered they have similar relegation/promotion playoffs between 1st and 2nd levels. But the complex system they have has really been a problem for me. I have found out, however, that Belgian football system has exactly the system I want to apply. They have it between their 3rd and 4th level: 13th placed team (out of 16 teams) from 3rd level plays a playoff against playoff winners from 4th level. The only thing I need to find out now is how to multiply this 1-3 teams system and convert it into a 2-6 teams system. But I am making inspiring improvements
  2. Hello, I'm one of those 30+yo nerds who are getting to know FM2020 during the World lockdown. I've been searching the web (both forums and Youtube) and learning how to use the basic editor, with satisfactory results. My problem is that I want to create a promotion/relegation playoff between 2 different levels (upper one having just one group; lower one having 3 different groups) and I cannot find how to get to the point I want to. I've already found these topic: and this one: They have showed me I need to use the advanced rules, but always end getting lost. Ideally, my aim is to have 2 playoff teams from upper level (placed above relegation spots) and 6 from lower level (2 from each of the 3 groups; placed below every league champion, which get direct promotion) fighting for 2 places in the upper level. 4 teams would fight for each upper level place: one upper level team and 3 lower level teams. Can anybody help me and tell me what should I put, and where? I know it's boring, but I'd rather learn how to do it than have anybody do it to my save, as I am creating my ideal football world, and this set up is the key for everything. I have already learnt not to touch anything you are not 100 % sure, general configuration of stage 0 (league) but do really get lost when dealing with stage 1 (cup/playoffs) as there are too many options too similar. Will I ever be able to get the set up I want, o should I just return playing FIFA and forget about "ideal football worlds"? Please, help is much appreciated ^^' PS: I haven't found any save with the set up I want to, nor at Steam nor at any forums (I speak Spanish and English, and can understand French and Portuguese, so I've searched a lot of different forums for information) to check how another person has done it.
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