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  1. I am trying to play a custom database with a team. This team doesn't have any players expect for greyed out ones. How do I generate players?
  2. Really smart idea. Wish FM actually did this in the game.
  3. I am managing San Giovanni, a team from San Marino. Recently, due to our great performance, we were able to sign some great italian free agents who have been out of club football for a while. Meaning we have enough talent to barely scrape ourselves to the Euro Cup. I recently just had my first game against Dundalk. It was evenly matched, however we lost 3-2. The reason why? My tactic created us 7 clear cut chances, and we scored NONE of them. However we scored one goal from a keeper error off a corner and a 30 yard banger. This seems really broken and unrealistic. It's
  4. Will this series continue? It was a blast reading through this and I am starting my own save with this team because this post inspired me.
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