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  1. No i had the big 5 european countries loaded plus scandinavia, with the standard large database.
  2. So it turned out that this is actually a game-breaking problem. The Chinese kept paying increasingly ridiculous transfer fees as my club got richer, because my board would not force me to accept the original fees anymore. They also followed me when i moved to a new Swedish club and would still only buy players from me. I decided to quit the save when they offered around 30 million pounds for my 30 year old 3rd choice right back, which is ten times more than the other Swedish clubs get when they sell a wonderkid. It's sad, i spent so much time on that save!
  3. I don't have their leagues loaded but i did have the idea that if i make them playable they might not need to fill their entire squad with ****** swedes anymore. I'll try it.
  4. I could resign of course but i want this club to work, also i'm kind of worried that this will happen in every swedish club i move to now. By the way, there's now a thriving community of half-decent and extremely overpaid swedish football players in Shanghai, so that's cool for them.
  5. I'm having a funny problem in my fm21 save. I got a job at a club in the Swedish top division, and immediately after i was hired i became targeted by 3 different Chinese clubs who started attempting to buy half of my starting 11 for ridiculously high transfer fees. They do this every year in january-march, and obviously my board will accept most of these bids because they're paying like 20 times the value of these players. This situation is practically making the game unplayable right now because i'm losing several of my best players every year, and if i can replace them the chi
  6. So after the update i noticed the age-old bug where newgen faces keep changing again, but i don't know if it's always been in fm20 or if the update caused it, has anyone seen it this year? So some of my white players turned black as usual, and most of them have had their faces completely change and then sometimes change back when i load the game a day later. I wonder why coding a system for newgen faces is such an impossible task, because it seems like it should be pretty simple, but i think i remember having this same bug since fm 09 or 12.
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