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    We must abolish slavery, £150,000 grand a week, how do they expect him to live!
  1. ffs im stuck at a mid table team, i need champions league football.
  2. we need a revolution...

    championship manager wouldnt have been a revolution, that was the start. anyway if we had a big revolution then we would be back at 08, then it would be jnuary patch/fm10 until we got a decent game.
  3. could have something that 'makes' a challenge, where you set out a guideline, rules etc. then upload the file people then add it to thier *challenges folder* the same as skins, and walla you can try the challenge and see where you go. it would be good to do a challenge with actual limiting factoors too, rather than making sure you stick to them.
  4. 2nd aint 1st though is it, memba ah told yoo! (im jeff hurtz btw)
  5. Steve Mclaren still in charge!!!!

    pre-patch database he stayed in charge in all my games, after the patch in my long term game it went Capello Euro 2008 out in group stage - sacked Mouriniho World Cup 2010 quarters + Euro 2012 out in group stage - sacked Allerdyce(?) current
  6. Recommend me a Laptop

    sorry its a question in someones elses question but ive recently got more into pc gaming and would like to buy an actual gaming pc, i wouldnt mind a laptop, can you get the same sort of quailty out of a laptop or would i be best going for a pc? im not interested in having a hundred different things running just the actual game, more interested in how they run, any help appreciated.
  7. im not sure why you are saying a manager wouldnt get restrictions, a chairman wouldnt allow a manager to go signing players willy nilly if his future was in doubt. maybe this could be added, if you have an insecure status the chairman limits your transfers.
  8. the game is odd sometimes, id like to know what else the game takes into account when. your morale is superb, the oppositions is very poor you have a far superior team you are sitting pretty at the top, they are bottom you are on a winning streak they are on a losing streak and you stilll lose, i know it can hppen in real life and 'its football' but how do you code that, just a random number the ***** up the rest of the equation to add the radnomness of football.
  9. Things that always happen in your game..

    ^ happens to me every season, usually the first round.
  10. These forums

    What an effort to get back on, i thought my original login WAS my sega pass, after resetting my password about four times i resigned up and it just logged me in automatically to my proper profile, anyway not too sure if i like the new skin, maybe because i signed up when it was the green one ad thats what i am used to. green seems to represent FM for me.
  11. DM Low Ratings

    sorry meant in my knowledge, like i know they are good im not denying them that but the way the commentators love him and such. in the euros they said its the makelee position.
  12. boom qualified, i moved from a top french team to a mediocre italian team, just a stepping stone me thinks, milan here i a come
  13. man city not as big as fiorentina, news to me.
  14. like somebody said it is recalculated, so if before the changes it decided you were going to score, it no longer thinks that.
  15. EPL hardest league to win ?

    im not sure what these people do who win things easily and rise quickly(thats possible for me in the lower leagues) i cant help thinking they spend way too long on the game and have mastered it or are using cheats/ exploits(or your own tactical genius if you like ) im not saying it aint possible, but like someone said pompey in the first season, its just very unlikely, there should be a big gap in quality between the top teams. This wouldnt help the casual gamer much, they would only complain it is too hard, but you know