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  1. the posts timed at 17/08 and 17.10 if you could delete them i mucked up with copy and paste. thanks.
  2. Just want to ask a question. Do you think it is better to write a story in the first person (managers point of view) or third person (a overall story on a club.)
  3. wilson. what i did is delete the current sounds, then just put the 2 folders once youve unzipped in the data folder. what happened to the match of the day theem tune.,
  4. not sure what examples are needed so here goes FM middlesborough always wanting about 18 -22 million for downing. real life ipswich thinking of paying 5 million for Ameobi.
  5. <LI>board takeovers/board unrest make them more frequent and hae effect on the players. <LI>greater interaction with the players, especially at big clubs, it would make managing them not so easy, having to tiptoe around star players so they dont get tearful. <LI> a better news system, maybe one that reflects real life you get lots of news about the top league in a national news section, rather than the news on your own league.
  6. just set when they were ade to earlier, i think they have ot have been in existence for 2 years iirc. . only if they are actually going to happen, like the 7 subs thing, or is this going to appen, i never heard.
  7. havent read every page so it could have been said but i really like international management although it aint up to scratch, no where near enough media interaction. id like a overhaul of this. adds another level to the game i think.
  8. point one and three haha do you think you will notice when shes standing in front of you by the end of the week with her bags packed, saying "thats it graham im leaving you) and you dont really pay attention and say 'ok love ill wash the dishes after one more game'
  9. joe mattock at liecster not wonder kid but got the best pa of any english lb on the game
  10. when you shout at the player who just scored against you for running the length of the pitch. ie "it was only a ******* tap in, why are you celebrating like that, you are still 2-1 down get a grip" maybe it is me who needs to get a grip
  11. i tried to get my son to take up football, unfortunately he took up dancing instead, he dd send me a postcard from portugal though, hes getting married, although i didnt know enrique could also be a girls name...
  12. despite an assmans stats being perfectly fine you sack him because you had an "arguement". he disagrees with a signing or thinks you shold play so and so in left midfield. or you join a new club and sack the physio because you dont like the look of him.
  13. OK no problem i'll take a look. i do usually follow the rules it just slipped my mind, im usually in the general discussion and put everything in the right place.i appreciated the polite remainder from the guy before.
  14. hi I am currently writing a story, it is about a fictional club. It is not technically a FM story as it is not narrating a game in the same way that other members do, it is just taking influence from a few games I have played, stories I have read then just general ideas that pop into my head while at work ect. anyway I got bits and bobs all over the place ATM, ideas and everything floating around, one of the things I wanted to stick in was a board room struggle, the only thing is I don't really get is how boards worked, always something that has confused me, who has the power? The final decisions? When there is just the one owner, why are there more board members. I just want to get it as accurate as possible. BTW I dont claim to be a fantastic writer and as probaly 80 percent of the people only write for fun and for myself, i will probaly post it on here if thats allowed with it not technically being a FM story. Its just going to be say a chapter for each week in the season. Any help is appreciated.
  15. your on an unbeaten run and you have to keep going because you think that its bad luck to stop.
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