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  1. My apologies, I must have missed it. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
  2. I was asking because the information only shows under Cerber, with no mention as to what tactic(s) it refers to, as such, it's unclear whether it is just for Cerber or for both tactics. Hence my question.
  3. In Annihilator, the wingers should have strong opposite feet to the lane they are in (ML with Strong Right Foot and MR with Good Left Foot), correct? Or is that just for Cerber?
  4. For corners, we have the "Corner Goals per match", to evaluate how effective our attacking corner set pieces are. For Free Kicks, we have the Indirect Free Kick goals. But to my knowledge there is no metric that showcases how many goals come from throw in set pieces. Is there anything that allows me to track how effective my throw ins are?
  5. There's a whole slew of issues with the implementation of B teams (in Portugal at least), such as if you right-click main team players, the game will offer the possibility of making them available to play for the B team, even though they can't because they haven't been registered. Same thing with B-team players being made available for the Main team even though they haven't been registered. Also, B team registration, even though it is done in the same manner as the main team, there is no menu that allows you to choose who to register. The only time you can do that is on the registration deadline, when it prompts you to do so, because that menu isn't accessible otherwise. Of course, with every B team game, FM asks if we want to make players available to play for the B team, that because they aren't registered for the B team, can't play.
  6. I just uploaded my save. It's "Te**o Rola - Livre.fm" I put asterisks to avoid revealing my actual name.
  7. So, Silvio Luiz, Ismael Mohammed, Porfirio Gomes and Boucaud-Zubar are all in FC Porto Sub-23, and when there was an automated friendly between FC Porto and Porto B, they play or are selected for both teams. On a potentially related note, I also noticed that if any player is in Porto B, and I make him available to FC Porto sub-23, those players are never selected. When I used Genie Scout, I noticed that Porto B is not directly associated to FC Porto, and it has its own finances, etc. I don't know if it's supposed to be WAD or not. EDIT: Just realized that the calendar doesn't show up either, while they are still playing in the 2nd Portuguese Division.
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