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  1. Hey Ben, Yeah I've uploaded to the Cloud - it's called James Buchan - Coruña.fm The player is Pablo Perez who is on loan from Real San Sebastian. I withdrew the offer that got accepted the day before on the save file so if you go into the make the offer you can see the offer that gets accepted. Players Ryan Tinari and Raul Hernandez also renewed loans this way but I have already confirmed the extended loans. I might have an older save file if you'd like all three examples. Thanks
  2. I currently have a bunch of loans from bigger clubs and when I go to extend the loan offer. It says 'The club want to give player a chance in the first team next season but could be persuaded to reconsider should a much higher be submitted.' However the club seems to accept a deal where the there's no fee and only a small % of wages is offered. Attached is a screenshot of his contract and the offer they accepted. He's also worth £17.75m. Do you think this is working as intended or is it a known issue? Thanks
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