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  1. if already posted then usuall apologies. I have 2 ideas to do with transfers. 1. at the moment the players transfer details such as monthly installments, % to old club if sold, ££££ per league game etc are kept in transfers in finance. i would like each players individual details kept in with there other information. 2. when confirming a transfer, either to buy or sell in the news screen at the moment you only get a basic view of the transfer. ie team x buys player y for 2 million pounds this could rise to 2.5 million with add ons. with your transfer details only i would like to see the hole deal on the screen before you confirm. this would be beneficial when you have quite a few transfers on the go or when a transfer has taken that long you cant remember the deal. i hope i have made myself clear.
  2. 1.when club refuse your loan offer but accept others, it would be nice of the club to say team x has offered this match it and will accept or something along those lines. 2. also on loans i would like to tell the club what importance their player is to me when trying to loan him. at the moment its 1 way traffic. 3.on tactics i would like the option to play a narrow midfiel but wide back line or visa versa. 4.team talks not to have the importance they seem to at the moment (thats my opinion) 5.player to accept termination of contract more. especially when not being picked for long periods of time. 6. when signing a player that needs WP. if you have a feeder club that can get round it the player should decide before the deal goes through, that is where he is going. 7. attendances sorted. more so when a team is promoted to epl. im sure theres more but thats it for the moment
  3. its only a small request but i would like to see an injury time clock added to show the added time running down or even a graphic that stays in view showing the added time that was given.
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