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  1. Wicked, need to start a new file so will give this a whirl asap. Thanks!!
  2. Awwww man. Thanks for getting back to me though!!!
  3. Completely random question...does anybody know how to add downloaded tactics to the switch?
  4. Damn, like many others I can only play on the Switch as I dont have a laptop and the mobile version is too easy. Shame about Nintendo being ridiculously tight about updates. I will continue to play and buy it though as FM is the one for me. I dont see too much wrong with the ME but I have bugs such as every time I try to save a tactic it crashes my game. But SI please dont stop production on Switch, it's the only way I can play!!
  5. Anybody have any info about a winter transfer update for the Nintendo Switch FMT2020? I feel like the Switch version is neglected 🥺😥🤔
  6. Thanks for that. Really appreciate it. I will head over now and check that out. This is the first FM I have played since 2010 and the changes are intimidating haha
  7. I have recently purchased FMT for the switch and I am struggling with getting to grips with the tactics and player roles in a formation. Is it better to have the players as their preferred roles or the roles that are on the default formation/tactics? I have tried both but my midfielders constantly play around 6.1/6.4 rating. I am doing a Coventry City save and would really appreciate any kind of feedback. (If this has been answered please direct me in that direction - Thanks)
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