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  1. Can someone post the PI‘s of the wingers in ashbringer v2, please.
  2. Is cerber considered a offensiv or defensiv tactic?
  3. Well, I had the best results with raider v4, which was similar to ashbringer... I will keep it and try bloodlust v3 next time I play... didn’t have time yet...
  4. Hey TFF, i know that you have better things to do, but could you post a video of bloodlust with PI‘s... thx in advance
  5. Well, I had very good results with Raider V4, changing it to Phoenix V2 when loosing or not scoring... (rarely necessary) just wanted to comment your previous post about „special tactics“... because I thin raider v4 is one of those tactics...
  6. Hello, Can someone please post Screenshots of the player-instructions for Pyromancer? I can't import tactic. or is there going to be a video? Thx In advance
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