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  1. Is Sergio Gomez after 2 or 3 seasons a (good/possible) solution for the CM position?
  2. Any Suggestions for DPL... not costing more than 50mil...
  3. How were the grades and Performance of the DPL?
  4. Maybe some DM‘s when you have less budget? I guess marking and tackeling are key attributes next to vision, technique, passing and team work...
  5. Impressive, new hope since cerber never really worked for me... (other TFF tactics did work perfectly) Can you post a video with player instructions, pls. Thanks a lot in advance
  6. Can some of you who use cerber successful send pics of your formations.
  7. hey TFF, Is Zaniolo from Roma a suitable box to box player? Or would you prefer E. Palacios?
  8. I have similar results, but I think my team constellation wasn’t good... I will give cerber v3 another shot next season...
  9. Well, ashbringer and other TFF tactics worked pretty good for me... BUT Cerber and I just don’t have any chemistry. Even though I have way more shots and chances, my team just doesn’t score... what are the most important positions for cerber v3? My wingers just seem not to exist (Delruson, Pedrinho, Lookman). Cerber v3 performs better against teams that favourite... any suggestions to improve my results?
  10. Hey TFF, I still use ashbringer v4 when iam huge underdog... I have great results against big teams... But one question: Do you think I can change one cm-position to advanced playmaker (midfield) without compromising the efficiency? thx in advance
  11. Can someone post the PI‘s of the wingers in ashbringer v2, please.
  12. Is cerber considered a offensiv or defensiv tactic?
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