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  1. FM11 - Cyprus League Project

    im gonna give this a try tonight, report back tomorrow
  2. so with some re-structuring info already released, any word of an early update for next season?
  3. FM2011 Editor Advanced Rules Activation and Discussion

    just remove them in the editor as normal
  4. FM2011 Editor Advanced Rules Activation and Discussion

    has anyone tryed using the series option for a cup competition? and does it work properly?
  5. !NEW RELEASE! African Leagues Megapack.

    looking forward to this
  6. Dennis's League system MEGAPACK

    i think we would all like it lol
  7. FM2011 : Caribbean Region Project

    nice additions chaps. sorry that i let this die, as i said before i had a mountain of work thrown at me. however, i may be able to get a hold on this again, my last deadlines are this month, plus i also forgot i did all this lol
  8. Fa cup limited to 256

    Just a quick question, ive forgotten where and how to edit the xml file to allow more teams into the fa cup is anyone able to help? many thanks
  9. FM2011 : Caribbean Region Project

    Truth be told i just havent had time to do this, i got as far as making the first two leagues, but then university kicked in and the work for my final year is rediculous. The research is there if anyone wants to give it a crack. unfortunatly i just dont have time for this to make it good enough in my eyes for a release even if i do finish it.
  10. A wacky idea

    This is going to to probably be the worst idea thats been discussed on these forums all year but here it goes anyway. Does anyone know if it would be possible to create a 5-a-side league? (I know) would it be possible to edit any text anywhere to say, only be able to put 5 outfield players instead of 11 and to reduce maximum pitch sizes to much smaller ones?
  11. YAY!!! I can manage my home town Wraysbury!!! SWEET
  12. Dynamic league rep

    ive downloaded and using at the moment leagues of the 10 lowest ranked nations of europe at the moment and there have been quite a few changes so far. im in 2018/19 season and for example the faroese premier division has gone from 800 and something up to 351st, also the Georgian cup has risen 200 odd places to 88th in europe, it does work and is affecting my champions league competitions as well. Lokomotiv Astana of Kazakhstan got into the groups in the Europa League as well as Bohemians of Ireland, also Olimpi Rustavi of Georgia got into the groups of the Champions League
  13. Hi guys im looking to buy a new laptop for generall stuff but want to play FM on it too I only have about £450 to spend so what is the best one around that can handle the processing?
  14. dafuge's FM11 challenge

    wow omg lol well done