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  1. Bought him for 210 million in season 6 at Madrid on 500k a week. 37 goals and 22 assists in 44 appearances last season, which won him player of the year for third time in a row at 30 years old. This is playing at right IF on support. He’s a cheat code.
  2. Brewster on loan in my Sunderland save and Lautaro in Madrid save.
  3. Bali Mumba and George Dobson both at Sunderland
  4. Try changing your striker to an AF. I was struggling with the same formation using a DLF. Changed to an AF and it turned my team around. Another change you could try would be changing your RCM to Mezz on attack, and your RW as IF on support.
  5. Try him as an IF on attack and drop your left striker to support. Did great for me at Madrid in that role.
  6. Maximillian Wittek (LB) available for roughly 1 million. Fantastic for and L1 and Championship clubs. Even did well for me in PL with Sunderland.
  7. I played him as a DLF in a 4123 and he was poor (6 goals in 30 or so games) Changed him to AF in exactly the same tactic and he’s got 20+ past 2 seasons. Context: I’m at Real Madrid and signed him start of second season. Now about to start 5th season and he’s 5 star current ability. STICK WITH HIM!
  8. I took Sunderland from L1 to PL in consecutive seasons with the 532/352. if I remember correctly it was something like this PF S. AF A BBM S AP A BBM S WB A BPD C CD D BPD S WB A SK S Against tough opposition you can change one BBM to CM D. It looks like it shouldn’t work, and offers very little cover defensively but I steamrolled most teams. In L1 and CH. Play on the break with a low LOE.
  9. Looking to start a new save, but have no clue what team to choose. I’m looking to build a possession based 4141DM wide using a F9 up top. Looking for team suggestions with a good F9 to build around. Don’t want a top team, would rather a smaller team that I can develop and grow. All suggestions welcome!
  10. What are you looking for help with? Is there anything in particular that you have noticed that you want to change/improve?
  11. I’ll start by saying I’m no tactical expert, and you’ll probably get much better advice from more experienced members but.. At a glance, you seem to have an awful lot of TIs, some of which seem to conflict with each other (for example; pass into space yet you have a much higher LOE and DL) What space are they trying to pass in to? I’d suggest removing the majority and make changes mid game as you see fit. You also have 6 of your 10 outfield players on attack. Combined with your LOE and DL they’re going to have nowhere to go. Your left and right side are identical which makes you predictable. I’d suggest changing one of your IF to support and leave the WB on attack, and the other to attack with the WB on support. And I find AF in line striker formations to be rather ineffective (although they can work well in counter attacking systems) Peehaps try a DLF or a F9 who will drop deep and take defenders with them, this opening up space for your IF to exploit. You dont have any central runners from deep. Try changing the AP to a BBM or CM (A). You may need to shore up that side with a IWB or drop the WB back to (D) or FB on (S) Gove those a go and see how you get on. Report back if you need further help!
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