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  1. This happened/happens to every save file i play, i have played 4 saves already (Lille OSC, FC Barcelona, FC Andorra and Arsenal).
  2. I’m currently not on my computer so i got a screenshot from the internet of the staff menu i’m talking about, I hope the image quality doesn’t get worse since i’m sending it via phone.
  3. Forgot to mention that it happens to whatever button that takes you to another staff screen that's not the first team one.
  4. I've been playing FM20 for a while and i noticed there's a reoccurring bug in the staff menu, in the beginning of the save it works normally, you can click on "x-team Under 23s Staff>" and it shows the staff that are currently in the team, but after playing for a few months, when you try to select that same option again it leads to nothing, you stay on the first team staff screen instead of going to the under 23s staff screen.
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