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  1. - Better Transfer market. I can never seem to sell decent plyers for a decent price. Greatly inflated prices on other players. Riise jsut sold for 19m to Zaragoza. Then im expected to accept a 11m bid for Van der vaart. -Better interation with players. Tell them when they play bad and why they arent in the team. Tell otehrs that they are essensial in the team and you dont want them to leave. -Better youth system. I have yet to find the next world class player on the game. Prehaps the option to open up academies all over the world, you choose the place, and you train them from there. -Better scout system. Real life chelsea have 50+ scouts around the world, why am i only allowed 8? And an option for the assistant manager to maybe manage them or to filter their findings for you. -The ability to have a private life and to spend/save wages. So that maybe after 10 years in the game at the top flight you can buy a lower league club be chairman/manager.
  2. I think it would be great if there were more world class players comming through. Im at arsenal, after 6 seasons i am struggling to find anyone that my scouts rate as any good. I keep producing "the best striker of his generation" with 7 star caoches and top facilities loaning him out and playing him, he is told he will become a decent striker or a waste of space. Another change that would be nice is the transfer market. Everything seems to be so imflated. Marseille have just accepted a 12£ million bid for nasri, in the game they wont let him go at the start for anything less than 20. This goes all around, I seem to buy more and more average players at a higher price.
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