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  1. Touch wood I think i have managed to fix this. Turns out it was happening in a lot of my applications and i had to set up a page file for my second drive where they were installed. Very strange that it only started happening now, but regardless this wasn't an FM issue!
  2. Hi, I have been getting this problem now since the beginning of my second season. The first time it happened, FM was in the background doing nothing - ever since it seems to happen when i click to enter a match (It seems to crash Opera and Windows Explorer as well which is a pain.) I have; - Verified Integrity - Deleted Preferences - Removed Graphics and addons Now - It seemingly doesn't crash when i play without any custom graphics which leads me in to thinking this is the problem, however i can't seem to narrow down which graphics pack is the offender as i run into this issue whichever combination of them i use. I use: - TCM Logo Pack - sortitoutsi cut out face pack - England Levels 1-8 Kit Pack - Real Names Fix I also have an addon to unlock lower leagues (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1970960262) which is pretty intrinsic to my save game as i'm playing whitehawk in tier 8. I understand that it isn't SI's problem to debug third party addons - however these are widely used mods and i cant see others running into the same issues, also the fact that any combination of them causes problems makes me thing the problem isn't unique to any one of them. Essentially i have a hit a brick wall in trying to solve this! Any help would be appreciated DxDiag.txt
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