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  1. thank you very much mate. probably that is where I am making a mistake. time to start winning, hopefully asensio gets goals
  2. hello @knap any chance you can check and let me know. cos it says tika taka. looks like it though as it has loads of short passing etc.
  3. Thank you very much, i had the right assumption but just wanted to be sure. only thing i changed as make it asymmetric but will correct down. I like that formation cos it enables use all my MF players at my disposal and keep everyone happy from time to time instead of just using 4 2 4.
  4. Hello @knap and @Par1s I got the this tactic FM 20.3 PARISIENNE WALKWAYS 4231 IF but i noticed that it says tilipasset tika taka, what does the tilipasset mean? and did you build this on a tika taka tactic foundation or custom.
  5. so if download Raptor v4 with WM and then move them to IW to mimic predator v4. i may have the same PIs. got you. thank you.
  6. Hello Mate, i will try. on the predator tactic the IW has closing down on his player instruction list. however when i load the tactic i do not see this. but I just noticed that in the video you showed only for Raptor V4 with a WM not the Predator V4 with IW. so assume on the predator V4 the player does not have close down on player instructions.
  7. @Totalfootballfan how do i get the closing down setting on players. when I load your tactic i do not see this on player instructions.
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