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  1. Rafa Silva from Benfica - quick, lots of flair good technical ability. everything you want in a winger
  2. Hi I've been playing FM17 on my windows laptop but now I've switched to Mac OS. I've got the game on Mac and ready to go but I'm wondering if there is any way for me to carry on with my current save I've been playing on my old windows machine. I've saved it to the cloud but it isn't in the menu when I try to load a new game on the Mac version. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Mate Sounds like you've had some very good success with your diamond set-up. I can't this system to work to save my life! Would you mind sharing your tactic to help me out?
  4. I'm playing as Inter and used Icardi up front on his own as a CF(s) in my 4-3-3 in the first two seasons. He scored between 30-35 in each with a good number of assists as well. I then fell out with him due to his constant demands for pay rises or to leave for a bigger team so sold him for 80m and replaced him with Belotti and Ze Gomes. Belotti has been unspectacular and inconsistent and Ze Gomes has scored a grand total of zero goals and I'm struggling to make the CL places after respective 1st and 2nd place finishes with Icardi in the team. Needless to say, I'm regretting my decision to let him go. If you can get him firing, my advice would be to avoid selling him,
  5. Is anyone able to share their success with a 4-3-1-2 on this rendition of the game? I've tried a number of times without success and the OP's suggestion that it's a 'very powerful formation' on this game strikes me as a bit of a surprise.
  6. Alright lads. Any screenshots of El Ghazi at the peak of his powers? thanks
  7. Off topic sorry, but how do I get those shirts to replace the hateful blocks on the tactics screen?
  8. I have noticed a situation where the AI goes down to ten men and their possession increases actually increases as they play more defensively. I find it bizarre that more cautious = more possession. Obviously this is true to an extent - but only to an extent. In real life playing defensively to me suggests ceding possession and territory.
  9. The role selection you have there has proven the best balance for me in the past. The CM(s) is quite conservative so you shouldn't lose shape and he proves quite adept at picking his opportunities to get forward when it's on.
  10. I don't understand how possession works in this game. A number of facts about my set up which I think lend itself to possession football: I am Juventus, a very good team who most others wouldn't try to outplay; I am, in keeping with conventional wisdom, using a cautious mentality (standard) so as to not rush things; I have modified this to play shorter passing at a lower tempo; I am using a 4-3-3 shape so I have three players in the most important part of the pitch for possession - midfield. Despite this my possession stats are very unpredictable. I will go from 60-ish percent against Lazio to 50 percent against weaker teams like Palermo. Weirdly, I have found 4-4-2 to be an effective possession system. When I come up against a 4-4-2 this is when I actually have the least possession (given my set-up ensures a spare man in midfield all the time I fail to see why this is the case); and conversely when I line up with my counter-attacking 4-4-2 I have been able to have the majority of possession in games such as away to Roma (incidentally playing three in midfield). It makes very little sense to me.
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